15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine To Start Your Day Fresh

By Linda Mondry February 9, 2019 in Yoga

Do you still not have any morning routine? Some people usually do not follow any morning routine because of their busy schedule or they do not give any importance to their health or they try hard to manage the balance between their work and private life.

When we talk about staying healthy, fit, energetic and positive, 15 minute yoga routine does really work effectively without distracting your other daily routine. If you are determined or put some efforts to take out only 15 minutes from your daily schedule, you will surely appreciate yourself and will give thanks to Yoga for making an unbelievable change in your overall health, both physically and mentally.

15 minute morning yoga is something, that if you make it as your regular morning practice, it can become the solution of several health-related issues.

Morning Yoga Routine

In this article, we will share some yoga poses that if would be added as the healthy habit into your day, you will experience extra energy and positivity to start your day. These simple and relaxing yoga poses can become your companion to enjoy the peaceful morning before jumping into the work of the day.

Here, we have suggested giving at least 15 minutes for a yoga workout. But, the more time you commit to yoga, the more benefits you will notice.

For beginners or who do not give much time to yoga workout, 15 minutes are enough to feel relaxed, fresh and ready for your day.

Breathing Pranayama

When you start your yoga routine with Breathing Pranayama, you will experience great relaxation to your mind. It is a yoga exercise that does not need any preparation; instead, it prepares you for the next yoga exercises you will do in the 15 minutes daily yoga routine.

Breathing Pranayama

It is nothing but a calming breathing exercise that works effectively in bringing your senses inwards and keep your mind relax for the day. You just have to sit straight on the mat or any flat surface on the ground and does in-out breathing exercise comfortably. You have to keep your body relax so that you can breathe in and out freely.


After breathing exercise, now you can do some stretches to pump your blood and make your muscles ready to start your day. This simple and easy stretching exercise is highly effective in waking up your stiff spine from the lazy sleepy night.

For this pose, you have to stand on your knees and hands, where your wrists are to be kept straight under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Make sure not to put all the weight on the wrists. Now, take a deep breathe in while arching your spine and take deep breathe out while rounding your spine. Due to these two poses, this yoga practice is named as cat-cow.

Repeat this exercise for 5 times and continue Cat-cow yoga pose for 2-3 minutes. In the beginning, move slowly and when you gain flexibility, increase your speed to gain more benefits of this pose.

Then, you can add other bigger movements after performing this simple stretching pose, just to feel great and fresh every morning.

Down dog

This pose gives a good stretch after a long lazy night. Down dog is a basic yoga pose that can be added in the 15 minute yoga routine to give relief to the lower back and legs. Other health benefits of this easy yoga workout are to enhance the ability to build bone density, revitalizing the muscles, reducing stiffness in the lower back and improving the blood circulation.

Like other yoga poses, this too does not require any hard stretching exercise. If you have an office job, where you sit long hours on the chair and have to deal with fatigue and lack of flexibility, down dog pose helps in giving you relief from the chair-induced discomfort.

Down dog

Simply bend down by lifting the tailbone towards the sky. Keep your arms straight and drop down your head while keeping your hands on the ground with all fingers wide open. Now, take deep breathe for at least 5 times and if you feel you have balanced your body, you can close your eyes as well.

For the best results, it is recommended to hold this pose for at least 1 minute.

Cobra Pose

This is another yoga pose which is widely done to enhance the flexibility of the spine. Along with spine, this pose also works on stretching the chest while reinforcing the spine and shoulders. As it involves stretching the chest and stomach, this pose also helps in stimulating the abdominal organs and in improving the digestion.

With this pose, you will not only work on stretching your spine, chest, and stomach, but will also improve your digestive system as well.

Cobra Pose

Simply, lie down on the yoga mat with your stomach down and toes flat on the floor. As you lie on your stomach, keep your forehead in the resting position on the ground. Now, slowly take your hands towards the shoulders and keep them under the shoulders with palms on the ground.

Now, pull your torso back off the floor while taking the support of your hands and keeping your knees on the ground. It will curve your spine but do not over-stretch it. Hold this pose and take 5 deep breathes. Now, bring your body slowly to the ground.

Child’s Pose

It is also an excellent morning stretch pose that does not require too many movements and bring freshness to your body after rolling out of your bed.

It simply requires placing your head down on the ground with your toes touching the ground and resting your hips on the heels. It is a wonderful resting pose that prepares your joints and muscles for the demanding activities of the day. Keeping this position from 3 to 5 minutes ensures to stretch your back and prepare it for your long hours of sitting job.

Child’s Pose

This yoga resting exercise has an amazingly relaxing and calming effect on your body along with the ability to enhance the digestion.

Child’s pose can be performed in the start, end or even in the middle of your 15 minute yoga workout, whenever you feel like giving rest to your body.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is actually one of the great balancing yoga position that works effectively in making you calm and focused or if you have the number of things going in your mind. This pose gives you the energy which is circulated throughout the body.

When you wake up in the morning and do not want to talk to anyone due to the bundle of nerves, tree pose can be your best addition in the 15 minute yoga routine that gives you an opportunity to have a talk with yourself and keep your mind calm. It is the time that you can give to you and enjoy a few peaceful moments.

Tree Pose

Simply stand straight on the flat surface or floor and spread your feet so that you can stand firmly on the ground. Bring your hands on the hips and one foot up on the calf or on the thigh of another leg while inhaling. Next, exhale and try to keep your arms up to the sky while balancing your position. You have to stay in the same pose and give 5 rounds of breathe in and out. When you switch your legs, exhale and keep your foot slowly on the ground.

It is a great yoga position that helps you to set an intention for the day.

Warrior I

It is the pose that does not require any kind of bending up or down on the ground. This pose works on your legs and hips muscles. As it requires more stretching of your chest and stomach muscles from the front, whereas legs and hips muscles from the back, this yoga pose increases the breathing rate.

It is the basic warrior pose which is perfect for beginners but includes some difficult positions at the later stage. You have to hold this position for nearly 1 minute.

Warrior I

Stand straight on the mat, spread your one foot backward and bend another leg’s knee. Take a deep breathe in and take both hands above the head with the joined palms. Hold this pose for 5 breathes and slowly release it. Repeat the same steps with another foot.

Benefits of 15 minute yoga workout

Before completing this article, we would also like you to learn the benefits of daily yoga practice.

yoga workout

More flexibility and strength

When the yoga poses become your daily exercising routine, you will notice an improvement in the flexibility, strength, and posture of your body. It is wonderful for stretching and toning your body muscles. They not only work on one part of your body, if done properly, it also strengthens your arms, legs, shoulders, chest, stomach, and abs as well.

The yoga can be done based on your level of ability as you need not be super flexible to do yoga poses. The regular practice will automatically make you more flexible than your first day.

Get Fitness while at home

If you really want to improve your fitness and do not have time or money to go the gym to attain your fitness goals, yoga provides you the best way to gain the same benefits of going gym while at home, that too, in a peaceful, simple and easy way.

Like the gym, yoga has the number of poses that work as the cardio, functional and strength training, all by following the daily yoga workout. Gain the fitness at your own pace and in your own home

Lose weight

Are you worried about your increasing weight and looking for a simple exercise that can be done without disturbing your job or daily activities? A variety of yoga poses help in losing those extra pounds.

If you stick yourself to the 15 minute morning yoga every day, you will observe a reduced weight after some time. It helps in burning fat and in restoring the balance of hormones in your body, which both in turn, works in normalizing the body weight.

Boost energy

This benefit is what you will notice yourself after spending a few minutes on yoga practice every day. When you feel low, stressed and tired even after long hours of sleep, yoga provides a great solution to boost the much-needed energy in the hectic days.

All poses that involve breath in and out are the sources of energy and keep you fresh for longer.

Improve breathing

From centuries, breathing exercises are considered as the most effective way of keeping your body relax and balanced. This is what each yoga pose includes, like breathe in and out deeply and calmly. So, no matter what yoga pose you do, they all work from the bottom of your stomach to the top of the lungs.

This is the reason, yoga is always recommended as the top choice of daily exercising than the other methods. No worries, if you cannot perform yoga in the morning, as it can be done at any time when you have time. But still, morning time is always advised for better results.


Three is no doubt that setting a morning yoga routine is the powerful and effective way to get the kind of day you always want to have.

Our main aim of introducing simple yoga poses is to ease the daily yoga routine for the newbies. The given yoga poses not only revitalize you, but also gives you the energy and peace of mind, and transform the way you feel. You can add other movements or postures when you feel you are ready for more stretching.

No matter what yoga poses you choose to include in 15 minute morning yoga routine, you are advised to maintain the poses as long as you feel comfortable to hold them. Never overstretch your body or perform any pose forcefully.

Start your yoga routine from today and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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