25 Simple Tips to Make Your Diet Healthier

By Shakeeta Winfrey January 25, 2019 in Diet Ideas

Are you ready to get a toned and healthy body without spending too much money on professional treatments? All you need is to follow healthy tips and fitness strategies that will surely help you to gain a healthy body without making many efforts. Here, Healthy diet is something we cannot ignore as a part of leading a healthy and happy life.

Healthy and nutritious diet plays a significant role in reducing the risk of numerous minor to major diseases. Many of us are aware of this fact, but usually ignore to follow due to one or another reason; it might be a daily busy schedule, mind skipping, give priority to other tasks, junk food lovers etc.

Before moving further to discuss easy nutrition tips with you, we would like to share some information about why sticking to a healthy diet is important for your overall health, in terms of physical and mental health.

A healthy diet does not mean to make you restricted to particular foods, it simply means no matter what you consume the whole day, it ensures to maintain the essential nutrition consumption in your daily diet.

Lots of people get confused when it comes to a healthy and nutritious diet. Lack of proper knowledge keeps you from taking a diet which is actually highly beneficial in boosting energy, in maintaining a healthy weight and in preventing yourself from several chronic diseases.

Maintaining a healthy diet is mandatory for kids, teens, adults and even older men and women. Following basic nutrition tips does not include a massive change to your daily diet. It only involves a bunch of little changes to what you eat on the daily basis.

healthy diet

Now, let’s come to the main purpose of this article, where we have listed 25 easy tips for better nutrition that will definitely improve your health, both physically and mentally.

Include Protein in every meal

It is scientifically found that people who eat more protein can lose weight more easily than people who eat the least protein. Also, including protein in every meal is one of the important nutrition tips of the day that makes you less deprived than others.

Protein is considered as the best nutrient which should not be skipped from your regular diet. For people with heavyweight, it helps in enhancing metabolism and squashing their appetite.

Eat Whole-grain bread instead of refined grain

We all know that eating refined grain is not good for our health; still, we prefer refined grain bread every morning. It is so because many of us are unaware of its ill-effects on our body.

Whole-grain bread

100% switching to whole grain bread means lowering the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. So, we can start our day with a sandwich made with 100% whole wheat bread as one of the effective basic nutrition tips.

Add Skim milk to Oatmeal instead of water

If you love to have oatmeal in the breakfast, make it healthier by using skim milk for its preparation instead of water. This can be one of your favorite nutrition tips of the day, where you only require adding some nutritious level in your breakfast.

Whether you like instant or regular oatmeal, this tip will help you to boost protein, calcium, and vitamin in the breakfast. Additionally, you can make it more tasteful and flavored by adding fiber-rich nuts.

Ditch additional sugar

If you are really serious about gaining a healthy body, it is one of the most beneficial easy tips for better nutrition that must be followed to stay healthy.

Sugary drinks, candies, sodas, baked goods, and other food items which are high in added sugars should be strictly out of your daily diet. Such foods are likely to have very low nutrients level than your body actually needs.

No TV or smartphones while eating

Many of us have a habit of eating breakfast, lunch or dinner in front of the TV or while using smartphones. If you want to follow healthy lifestyle tips, simply say a big NO to this habit.

No TV or smartphones while eating

Always eat your food away from potential distractions; it will keep you from consuming more calories and gaining more weight. Also, it connects you with your loved ones.

Cook meals at home instead of eating out

No doubt eating meals at restaurants is enjoyable, but if you prefer eating out more than cooking at home, now it’s time to lessen that habit.

Cooking meals at home or eating homemade food is a great way to include healthy and nutritious food in your meals. You can even do an experiment by adding healthy ingredients and enjoy nutrient-rich meals.

You can also prepare healthy snacks at home and take them to the office to eat wherever you feel hungry.

Do regular exercise/workout

Simply taking healthy food is not enough to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Both exercise/workout and a healthy diet go hand in hand.

No worries if you hate going to the gym. You can become more active by performing easy exercises daily in the morning or whenever you get time. You can also do walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or can play your favorite sports. The main concern is to keep you active by working out in one or another way.

It helps in reducing depression, anxiety, and stress, and strengthens your muscles and bones, increases energy level and more.

Drink enough water

Drinking plenty of water in a day is something which we cannot miss to include in the list of basic nutrition tips.

Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water all through the day is not only good for overall health but also works effectively in maintaining a healthy weight.

People who are less hydrated are more likely to gain weight than those who are adequately hydrated. Also, if you drink water before meals, you tend to eat fewer calories.

Eat whole fruits instead of juice

Fruits contain fiber and various essential compounds, which are digested easily without causing any harm to blood sugar levels.

Eat whole fruits instead of juice

It is advised to eat fruits directly instead of drinking their juices. Many packed fruit juices contain added sugar and essence, which is not good for the health. Even, many of them contain sugar more than the sugary soft drinks.

Even if you prepare juice at home, still it lacks the fiber and chewing resistance. So, it is better to consume them directly.

Drink unsweetened tea instead of sweetened tea

There is no harm if you are a tea lover and consume 4-5 cups of tea in a day. The real harm exists in a sweetened tea when you consume a huge amount of calories per serving.

Bottled or canned sweetened tea should be strictly avoided when you know its effects on your health and increases the calories and sugar level.

Choose healthy snacks

Throughout the day, we all have that urge to eat something extra despite three large meals. That time, we choose to eat anything as a snack that comes in our hand. Most of us love to eat junk food as the hunger-killing alternative.

Junk food has zero nutritional value, which we all have to substitute with some healthy snacks. It can be salads, carrots, cucumber, nuts, fruits, popcorn, and healthy goodies.

Such healthy treats are high in nutrition and are most preferred by the people trying to shed extra calories.

Have dinner early

When you eat is as important as what you eat. The significance of this statement has encouraged us to convey it as one of the effective healthy lifestyle tips which can change your life.

Eating your last meal before 7:30 p.m. has the power to bring beneficial effects on your weight regulation, metabolism, and heart health and sleep habits as well.

Make sure to have light dinner and stop eating anything two hours before going to bed.

Avoid overcooking your food

Many people have a habit of overcooking the vegetables or whatever they are preparing for lunch or dinner.

Avoid overcooking your food

Overcooking results to the loss of important nutrients; drain the flavor and makes food harder to digest. The over-browned food is the main concern of overcooking as such food usually contains cancer-causing chemicals.

You can steam, boil, stew, bake and even roast the exposed food depending on what you have decided to cook.

Do not miss breakfast

Many people usually skip breakfast with a hope that their body will cut calories and lose weight. This misconception is being followed from decades, which clearly bring adverse effect on your overall health by slowing down your metabolism.

Breakfast is that important meal of your daily diet which should not be skipped in any way. It is like fueling your body to cover the load of the whole day schedule.

You can start your day with whole grain cereal, fruits, and low-fat dairy and enjoy the benefits of such easy tips for better nutrition throughout the day.

Take care of yourself

Everyone is finding the ways to have a healthy body, but they are clearly unknown about the fact that they cannot achieve their health goals if they do not have time for themselves.

Among other healthy lifestyle tips, if you are concerned about your health issues, you must create a healthy diet plan which should be followed strictly. It would only be possible if you make time for yourself.

Along with professional and personal life, your health should also be on the top priorities.

Enjoy life to the fullest

You cannot attain healthy body if your mind is not healthy. If you are depressed, stressed, bored or not enjoying what you have in your life, it directly affects your health where you are the least concern about healthy food.

Enjoy life to the fullest

Emotional behavior impacts people to eat more food, which in turn results in an increase in calorie consumption.

To avoid overeating, you must spend time on activities or hobbies which make you feel enjoyable. Keep yourself active and stay motivated to enjoy life to the fullest.

Increase vegetable intake

No worries if you do not like some vegetables, as we all come in the same category. But, it does not mean that you will eat your favorite vegetable every day, without even trying other vegetables.

No doubt vegetables are full of fiber and nutrients which our body needs desperately to stay healthy. You must include different veggies in your meals and must also increase its intake to maintain the healthy weight.

More consumption of veggies throughout the day may reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Stop shopping for unhealthy food

If you have unhealthy food at home, like candies, chips, junk food, soft drinks, etc., obviously you will consume it as a snack or whenever you will feel to eat something.

It is recommended to create a shopping list excluding unhealthy foods. It will encourage you to stick to healthier eating when you do not find anything unhealthy in your kitchen.

Avoiding unhealthy food in such a way is one of the easy nutrition tips that can be followed easily if you are determined about your health goals.

Consume frequent meals

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are considered as the three main meals in a day, which should include sufficient nutrients and fiber.

Apart from these large meals, you should have small meals in between to energize your body with mild to moderate food quantity, like healthy snacks and fruits.

It means you should consume 5-6 meals in a day to enjoy physical and mental health.

Consume green tea

Green tea is highly powerful in boosting metabolism, as it contains an antioxidant that works efficiently in flushing out toxins and in improving overall health.

More green tea you will consume, more calories you will burn. Additionally, it helps in protecting you from broken bones when you grow older. It also keeps you from bad breathing.

Consume green tea

So, start sipping green tea instead of normal tea to lose the body weight.

Have adequate sleep

Eating a healthy and balanced diet and following nutrition tips of the day are worthless if you are not getting adequate sleep. No matter how busy schedule you have, be sure to get 8 hours of deep or tight sleep at night.

Stress and depression not only affects your diet but sleeping habit as well. Whether you are taking too much or too less nap, both can add extra pounds, when your body does not get enough time to regulate your systems and to heal the damage.

Eat at a slow pace

Most of you might not know that eating speed effects how much you eat. If you have faster eating pace, you are more likely to gain weight than those with the slow eating habit.

Eating slowly may help in reducing the calories you consume per meal, thus helps in losing weight. It simply means, if you take time in chewing food, you will consume fewer calories and also facilitates proper digestion.

It is recommended to chew a spoonful food for about 35-50 times.

Choose nuts

Nuts are always counted as the most effective and easy tips for better nutrition. You can consume a handful of nuts as the snacks, as the additional nutritional ingredient in the oatmeal, as the flavored ingredient in the milkshake etc.

Nuts are something that does not have a specific time to consume; they can be enjoyed anytime in a day as the healthiest choice.

Eat whole foods

Many unprocessed, whole foods are also beneficial for your health, as the processing of most of the foods leads to taking off their nutrients.

So, eating whole foods helps in nourishing your body with natural content without adding any ingredient. The food with fewer ingredients gives you the most benefits than with lots of ingredients.

Always eat whole foods as the healthiest option for you.

Avoid overeating

Some people have a habit of finishing every bite of the food in their plate even if their stomach is full. Some believe that it is not a good idea to left food in the plate, so they keep munching even after feeling exhausted or overeating.

Keep in mind that your body is not a storage unit, where you can store a large amount of food and use it to energize your body whenever requires.

Simply, pack it and put it in the fridge, or trash it, whatever you feel to do.


We have included easy nutrition tips by keeping in mind the daily routine, responsibilities, and preferences of the common people. These tips are easy to follow and do not require much efforts, and also you do not need to skip your daily activities just to prepare a particular meal.

No TV or smartphones while eating, having dinner early and taking care of you are just a few healthy lifestyle tips that must be always kept in mind to reach your health and wellness goals.

Only you require is little determination and positive attitude to adapt something new.

You will surely be amazed to notice a great change in yourself by making your regular diet a little bit healthier.

Simply, prepare your mind and have a good start. You will definitely gain an attractive and toned body shape.

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