Home Remedies

How To Tighten A Loose Tooth With These Home Remedies

Jenny Wilson | July 12, 2019
We might all have experienced a loose and shaky tooth at a certain point in our life. For many adults, it is like a day-to-day situation where we feel like our loose tooth is going to fall off. As this situation is quite common in kids, for adults it is a matter of little concern

Makeup Tips

Summer Makeup Looks Step By Step

Jenny Wilson | June 04, 2019
No matter how much perfect makeup you have applied on your face, but if the weather is against you, it can spoil your pretty look within no time. Especially in the summers, when your makeup gets melted, eyeliner gets smeared and lipstick/lipgloss gets too sticky. In this season,

Hair Style

20 Elegant Short Hairstyles For Older Women

Jenny Wilson | May 31, 2019
No matter how old you become, every woman deserves tons of compliments. Even women over 50 know how to dress up and what flatters them, but at the same time, some of them really forget to understand the importance of the right hairstyle as per their age. Currently, small and Shor

Skin Care

10 Effective Skin Care Home Remedies That Really Works

Jenny Wilson | February 14, 2019
Every woman wants flawless, clean and glowing skin, which is not incorrect in any way. Whether you are a homemaker, student or a working woman, getting a good skin is your right, and how you will achieve and maintain the radiance of your skin completely depends on you. It doe

Skin Care

Skin Care Tips To Manage Oily Skin

Jenny Wilson | December 21, 2018
I completely agree with the statement that beauty is not just a desire of women, whether teens, adults or older, but it has its own important role in improving their self-esteem and confidence. To maintain that beauty, every woman has to take care of her skin in all the possible