Best Exercises For Weight Loss That You Can Try To Burn Fat

By Lopez Grayson February 5, 2019 in Weight Loss

Want to reduce the belly fat and get back to the flat stomach? Want to lose weight to fit into your favorite dress hanging in your closet? Have you followed several weight loss methods but still not satisfied with the results?

No worries, we are here to help you in this regard.

We all are very well aware of the benefits of doing regular exercises and how it brings a positive impact on our overall health. When you are trying to reduce those extra pounds or to burn extra fat, exercise is something we cannot ignore at any cost. It plays an important role in achieving your weight loss goal.

You know its importance, but many people still find it hard to discover the right way to start exercising. To assist them in finding the right exercises to lose weight, we have included the best exercises for weight loss that cover the major areas of your body.

Before proceeding to the list of cardio and yoga exercises for weight loss, we would like to share brief information about the importance of exercising in weight loss.

Exercises help in losing weight by burning the extra calories, which in turn reduces the risk of several diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer as well. Do you know? People who have regular exercising routine are almost 50% less prone to these diseases. Also, exercises help in reducing stress, thus improves mental health.

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

No matter what exercise you choose, if it is not showing any beneficial effects on your weight, it still has some benefits on your health in one or another way.

Now get back to different types of exercises that will help you to burn some extra fat.

Cardio exercises for weight loss

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Intensity plays an important role in gaining the maximum benefits of your workout. HIIT involves the number of exercises which are performed for short intervals at your maximum effort, thus give recovery for a longer period of time. The results completely depend on the hard work you put during your intense intervals.

High Intensity Interval Training

More hard you work, more calories and fat you burn during that period. Including such cardio exercises in your daily routine and burn up to 500 calories depends on the duration of your workout on the daily basis. The exercises like Burpees, Squats, Lunges, Mountain Climbers, Tabata Drill, and Step Jumps can be done at high intensity. None of these exercises require any kind of equipment.

To avoid any bad impact on your muscles, make sure to perform each exercise in an accurate way. It is recommended to perform each exercise in a set of 10 repetitions and take 10 seconds of break in between. 20 minutes workout is enough to burn more calories throughout the day.

It is considered as the smart and best cardio exercises for weight loss that prepare our muscles to work harder and more fuel burning.

Brisk Walking

Walking briskly is the best fat-burning exercise that does not require any equipment except your determination to burn the calories and body fat. No need to worry if you do not have enough time for exercise. If you can get out with at least 30 minutes of brisk walking each day, you can burn 150 calories a day.

When you are trying to weight loss, walking might not get into your mind as one of the best ways to reduce body fat. But, it is an easiest weight loss exercise that can be included to your daily routine for effective results in a short time.

Brisk Walking

You can start it with 3 days a week for almost 15-20 minutes. Increase the frequency and duration of walking gradually until you reach 30-60 minutes a day and 6 days a week.

Simply get your walking shoes, play music on your phone and start walking to kick off the extra weight.


Elliptical is another kind of cardio exercise that not only helps in burning a major amount of calories but helps you to build leg muscles along with peeling out the arm fat.

Some people do not prefer exercises that may lead to joint wear and tear; it is so because of their weaker joints or other health conditions. But elliptical trainer allows you to burn the number of calories, which you can burn through running simply without hurting your joints. Even people with older age can use elliptical trainer, a completely low impact cardio workout.


It requires equipment which is very easy to use and almost imitates the walking motion. Simply, place your both feet on
Peddles and hold the handlebars. Move your feet forward along the peddles as if you are walking on the equipment. With each forward step, make sure to move handlebars as well, one toward your chest and another in the opposite direction.

You can even burn 500-600 calories while watching TV for about 30 minutes or even without going out of your home. Be sure to involve yourself completely and work at a hard pace.


Do you know, if you swim for 1 hour, you can burn calories equal to running 3 miles? Many of you might are unaware of this benefit of swimming. Here, water acts as a natural resistance in burning calories.

For best results, it is advised to do dynamic stretching of arms and legs before you dip in the swimming pool. Apart from burning 500-700 calories by doing swimming for 1 hour, it also helps in making you stronger and healthier than ever before.


As this cardio exercise involves major muscles from abdominals and back to legs, arms and hips, it is one of the highly effective best cardio exercises for weight loss. You can perform freestyle strokes that engage all the muscles and give you the best workout option to reduce the extra fat from your body.

Simply wear a swimsuit, a cap, and googles and make a dip into a pool, make a splash, burn calories and feel great.

Yoga exercises for weight loss

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is one of the basic yoga asanas that not only works wonder in losing the weight but also benefits various part of the body. You can clearly figure out the real meaning of Surya Namaskar if you are aware of the Hindu culture, i.e. ‘Sun Salutation’.

This single exercise consists of 12 different poses which collectively bring a highly effective outcome on your health. It includes prayer nose, forward bending, bhujangasana, and others. You can choose whichever you feel easy and comfortable to do. But, it is recommended to add as many salutations as you can in your daily yoga routine.

Surya Namaskar

It is one of the easy and best yoga exercises for weight loss which when performed for even half an hour can burn more calories as compared to an hour-long cardio exercises for weight loss.

It helps in strengthening your skeleton system and ligaments, in keeping your body more active, in reducing stress and anxiety, and of course in shedding pounds. When done in slow motion, it tones your muscles, and when done at a fast pace, it becomes another form of cardio.


Mayurasana, also known as Peacock Pose, is another yoga exercise that works excellently in burning fat, in building muscle tone and in giving more flexibility to your body.

Weight loss or burning fat does not mean that people have excess weight that needs to shed with one or another method. It means people may not always obese or overweight, but they may have extra fat around the belly which they want to shed and may term as weight loss.


Frankly speaking, it is little difficult asana that involves hand balancing where you have to keep your body horizontally over the hands. When your body is raised above the ground, it gives some similarity to a peacock’s tail, which is the reason for its other name, peacock pose.

This belly fat can be reduced by doing Mayurasana. Though, it may be a difficult yoga exercise for many of you, so you can opt for Hansasana as well. They both bring similar benefit to the abdomen by putting pressure against it and reduce the belly fat.


Another name used to describe this asana is Crow Pose. It is one of the most advanced yoga exercises for weight loss, that help in reducing burn calories and in building arms strength if it is practiced regularly.

It involves placing your hands on the mat with the fingers wide open and keeps your body horizontally in a low squat where your face comes above your hands. You have to keep your knees wider than your arms, which gives some resemblance to a crow.


The main aim is to hold the pose for longer while straightening the arms at 90 degrees. No need to worry as it may be a little difficult to hold the pose by lifting your feet up in the air.

Practicing makes a man perfect; this is what applies here as well. Simply practice this pose several times a day; you will learn to hold the pose gradually. Build your strength and burn fat with this latest asana.

Ardha Navasana

Like Mayurasana, this asana also works directly on the belly fat. When you try to hold this pose, also named as Half Boat Pose, you will feel your abdominal muscles working hard.

It is a seated balancing posture that helps in strengthening your hips, core, and spine. In this pose, you have to balance sit bones and tail bone with the straight spine.

Ardha Navasana

It is not very difficult to hold this pose as compared to Mayurasana, as it does not involve holding your body up in the air. Simply put your hands on the ground to balance your body and raise your legs up from the grounds. When you feel that you have made a balance, just elevate your arms up by making them parallel with the ground.

You can also try to make a space between your knees and chest by moving the knees little away from the chest. More you increase the space, more abs burning feel you will experience. Make sure to perform this exercise in the right way.

Try to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds and strengthen your core.


It is a standing asana which is also known as Chair Pose. No, you do not have to sit on a chair for this asana, instead, you have to posture your body as if you are sitting on a chair.

Sitting on a chair is easy and comfortable, but having an imaginary chair posture is a little difficult. But, practicing this asana on a daily basis may make you comfortable in holding this posture for a long time.


It helps in strengthening spin, hips and chest muscles, and also tones thigh, knee and legs muscles. It also helps to improve the balancing skills as well as keeps your mind determined.

For posture, you have to keep your feet together and raise your hands above the shoulders. Now, bend your body into a squatting position. Make sure that you are able to see your feet by avoiding bending your feet too far forward.

Hold this posture for 30 seconds, burn fat and tone the leg muscles effectively.


Now, you cannot say that you do not know about the best exercises for weight loss when you already have a few effective cardio and yoga exercises here.

If you want results, you have to push yourself each morning to wake up early and follow an exercising routine.

You may not gain a body you want to have, but with the right exercises, you can improve the body posture and appearance. Some improvement is always better than achieving nothing, so make sure to continue exercising on a regular basis. You will definitely get the surprising results and words of appreciation from others.

Take care of your body, burn extra fat and see a difference in the mirror.

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