20 Best Healthy Foods For A Healthy Liver

By Jenny Wilson August 23, 2019 in Healthy Foods

The liver is the second largest organ of the body that works effectively in maintaining our overall health. It is responsible for carb metabolism, production of glucose, hormone secretion, bile production, decomposition of red blood cells, detoxification of the body and many others.

So, it is utmost important to keep your liver healthy if you want to protect your body from several major illnesses. Consuming healthy foods and drinks help a lot in promoting liver health. This is what we are going to share with you, 20 best and highly beneficial healthy foods for a healthy liver.

20 Best Healthy Foods For A Healthy Liver


Garlic is rich in allicin, which is a great source for detoxification of your body and flushes out the harmful substances. Just 1 clove of raw garlic every morning is enough to protect your body from oxidative damage. You can also add it to your cooked food.


Broccoli is great for improving metabolism and also helps in reducing the possibility of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver. It is also helpful in protecting the liver from liver cancer. It is recommended to take one cup of broccoli at least 2-3 times a week.

healthy foods for healthy liver


This medicinal herb contains ginsenosides which are considered as an effective compound for its medicinal properties. Ginseng, one of the best healthy foods for a healthy liver, protects your body from liver injury, toxicity as well as fatty liver. Consuming 2 cups of ginseng tea in a day is highly beneficial for your liver.


The antioxidants present beetroot work great in reducing liver injury persuaded by carcinogens. So, if you want to keep your liver healthy, make sure to include beetroot in your daily diet. You can either cut it into pieces or can consume one glass of beetroot juice per day.


Being a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibers, carrots have always been healthy food for maintaining overall health, including the liver. Consuming one glass of carrot juice per day is highly effective in reducing levels of DHA, MUFA, and triglyceride in your liver.

Leafy green veggies

Leafy green veggies are other healthy foods for a healthy liver that protects it from oxidative damage and other illnesses. These veggies include spinach, lettuce, mustard greens, etc. which are high in Vitamins A, C, and K as well as antioxidant properties. Make sure consume as much green leafy veggies as you can.


Turmeric is also one of the most effective healthy foods for a healthy liver which must be included in your daily meals. It not only protects your liver from diseases and injury but also improves lipid metabolism. You can consume turmeric either by adding it in the food preparation or as a tincture.

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It has various health benefits, including protecting the liver. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help in overcoming the liver damage. You must take avocado at least 2 times a week.


Due to the rich source of citric acid, lemon is highly recommended to the liver patients as it works great in reducing oxidative damage in the liver. So, to make your liver healthy, you are advised to consume 1 lemon per day in the form of lemon juice or in any other way.


One apple a day keeps your body protected from several health issues. So, consuming apple products regularly helps in reducing the serum and liver lipid levels, and protects your liver from various liver diseases.

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Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered as the best healthy foods for a healthy liver when it comes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The study has reported that people who consume olive oil daily are usually less prone to liver disease. So, start using olive oil in your meals to keep your liver healthy.


Walnuts are rich source of healthy fats that help in reducing various issues related to a liver. So, if looking for healthy foods to protect your liver from diseases, you must consume 5-6 walnuts in a day.


Grapefruit is very beneficial in boosting immunity and are also rich in antioxidants. If you consume half to one glass of fresh grapefruit juice each day, it will protect your liver from injury by dropping the inflammation and keeping the liver cells healthy.

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Whole grains

Whole grains, being a rich source of dietary fiber, are highly helpful in shedding fat and additional cholesterol. Apart from this, whole grains are also helpful in protecting against non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. You must consume 2-3 servings of whole grains a day.


How can we forget tomatoes when talking about healthy foods for a healthy liver? Tomatoes are a great choice to reduce liver inflammation, injury and also help in protecting against liver cancer.


Dandelion is another food that can be considered as a healthy source for a healthy liver. You can cook dandelion like spinach or you can add it to the salad. Also, the dried herb or root can be consumed as a tea or tincture.


Blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries are also very effective foods which must be taken to protect the liver from damage. Moreover, if you consume these dark berries regularly, it is also helpful in stimulating your immune system.

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Fatty fish

Due to the rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish works effectively in protecting and treating various liver diseases. When you consume oily fish 2-3 times a week, it prevents the production of excess fats and preserves the enzyme levels in the liver.


Nuts are other healthy foods which must be consumed to keep the liver healthy. They are effective in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. The consumption of a handful of nuts daily helps greatly in maintaining liver health.

Prickly Pear

Whether you consume prickly pear directly or in the juice form, they are the best healthy foods for a healthy liver. The compounds present in this fruit are beneficial in protecting the liver by decreasing the oxidative damage and injury to the organ.

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These 20 healthy foods for a healthy liver must be included in your daily diet. If not all of them, make sure to consume most of these foods to quickly improve your liver health.

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