Top 25 Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

By Linda Mondry August 16, 2019 in Hair Style

A wedding commemorates the beginning of a special journey. All your family and loved ones will be in attendance. The day will be marked by numerous pictures that will be an important part of the family album for years to come. It will be the day that you and your kids will look back at and your grandkids will ask about very fondly. This is why every bride needs to put her best foot forward. 

A lot of things are of importance when putting together a look for the special day. The dress, accessories and makeup take the front seat. This is why a lot of brides seem to have little time or planning as far as their hairstyles are concerned. It is something that makes or breaks a look and should be treated as such. There are many options to choose from as far as long hair is concerned.

Take time to try out different styles to make sure that your hairstyle goes well with the look. Here are 25 different bridal hairstyles for long hair- 

Beach Waves

This is the look that works best if you have a destination wedding planned. If you plan a beach wedding or a wedding over the sunset, this look goes well with the wedding theme. It can be created with a curling rod or even a straightener. 

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Topsy tail

This is the fancy cousin of the pigtail that looks like a pigtail has been turned inside out. It is a simple style that will suit almost any dress and it is easy to maintain and to pull off. This is one of the most stylish bridal hairstyles for long hair.

Side-Swept Down Style

This look is very easy to create and is made by pulling all your hair to one side. You can accessorise it any way you want. This means adding a clip or tiara. 

Braided Half-Up Style

The hair on the upper half of your head is combed into a braid that runs across the back of your crown. The rest of the hair is let loose and this gives a natural yet elegant look. 

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Brushed Out Curls

This is a simple look which highlights the veil and the wedding dress. It is a simple goto option if you want to bring out the details of your outfit. 

Braided Halo

The braid is taken from one end of your head over your ear to the other one. It creates a great look to add flowers and sprigs. This is truly one of the most elegant bridal hairstyles for long hair.

Braid Crown

This works best for an outdoor wedding. All you need to do is to braid your hair present over one of your eyes and then make a crown of it and pin it up over the other side.

Voluminous Ponytail

Use a teasing comb to create volume when you tie your hair up into a ponytail and leave out a few strands to make sure it frames your face well. 

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Soft Updo

This is one of the more complex hairdos that will take care of all the short and the long strands. It is one of the classic looks that represent all aspects of being a bride- romantic and soft. It is ine of the most exquisite bridal hairstyles for long hair.

Grecian Goddess Braid

It is much easier to pull off compared to any hairstyle that involves a braid. It is simple and a great hairdo for an outdoor wedding. It ties together any wedding day look.

Side Fishtail Braid

It is an elegant braided on one side to bring out a soft charm and make them look more stylish. It goes well with any princess-style gown. 

Glam Ponytail

For the modern bride, it is very important to compliment your look with the right hairdo. It is sleek, neat and oozes sophistication. This is a modern day take on bridal hairstyles for long hair. 

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Romantic side braid

A low braid that can be made with flowers and other accessories to suit your style and make it look more beautiful. 

Simple Braid 

This is a classic look that allows the bride to draw attention to the dress and make the look more simple and looks great for a beach or an outdoor wedding. 

Low Updo

A low bun with a few strands hanging out to make sure that it frames your face and adds layers to the hairdo. You can add flowers and pins to make this look more refined.

Simple Low Bun

This will be a great hairdo to last both the ceremony and reception. It is easy to maintain even when dancing and will allow the bride to feel free and is easy to make.

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Twisted Half-Up

You tie up the strands that are present in the front to take them out of your face. This allows you to let your hair loose without it getting in the way. 

Imperfect updo

This is a soft rendition of the side bun and allows the bride to feel free and makes for a simple yet astonishing look teamed with the long flowy gown. 


Longer hair gives the classic chignon more room to run. This makes the hair look thick and wedding-ready. 

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Floral Side Braid

This is perfect for a summer or spring wedding wherein you can accentuate the theme with your locks. A floral side braid is a simple way to spruce up the look and add a little natural touch. 

Soft French Twist

A simple look that lets the bride show off a well -designed back or a bareback depending on the nature of the dress. This makes them look more refined and frees the bride.

Vintage Hair Vine

If you have a vintage themed wedding, it is easier to blend in with this look. It brings the shiny and evergreen vintage flavour and makes them look more sophisticated.

Braided LowPonytail

This adds a boho element to the look. The braids run down until the nape of the neck where it is tied to form a ponytail. It is a great hairdo for the summer theme.

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Side Swept Bun

This is a simple and elegant way to draw attention to your neckline and allows the bride to gather up all her hair and feel more relaxed. 

Braided ponytail

Braid the hair that falls on the front side of your scalp and then ties it into a neat ponytail. This is a beautiful look that is a class apart.

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