10 Essential Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Follow

By Linda Mondry March 24, 2019 in Bridal Makeup

Wedding, the best day for all women, requires a lot of planning and preparation for that wonderful bridal look. Also, being one of the most-photographed days of every bride’s life, the bridal makeup is to be done perfectly on the big day.

Though it needs planning that does not include any other person except the bride herself, so along with other things like preparing for decoration, music, catering, and dresses for different occasions, etc. bride makeup is something to be taken in the top of the list.

Obviously, when we talk about the makeup of the bride, everyone wants to avoid any kind of blunder with her bridal look. After all, you have the pictures that last forever as the proof of the most memorable day of your life.

Here, we have selected some of the most essential makeup tips for brides-to-be advised by the world’s beauty experts to help out the bride-to-be with the best look.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Our main motive to share this information is to help you get the gorgeous and jaw-dropping look that would sure be appreciated by every guest at your wedding.

Prepare your skin from within

To have the flawless bridal makeup looks, simply applying makeup on that particular day to hide the dullness, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and other skin conditions is not enough. The weeks and months of skin care routine are involved to make your skin capable to look healthy and good for the perfect makeup.

We suggest all brides-to-be to understand the importance of prepping their skin well in advance, normally 5-6 months before the big day. You are well aware of the ill-effects of the pollution and other impurities you deal with every day. Ignoring the regular skin care regime to treat your skin can lead to the decay of your skin’s health and appearance.

So, have you ever thought how an immediate makeup can add natural beauty to your skin if it is not healthy or prepared for the natural appearance?

No doubt, makeup can highlight your natural beauty, but to achieve this goal you have to include cleansing, toning and moisturizing as the basic skin care regime from several months prior to the wedding day.

You must also include sunscreens, day and night serums, and Best hand creams to treat your unhealthy skin from deep inside.

One recommended day and night serum is Noche Y Dia Night and Day Vitamin C Serum, formulated with a natural ingredient, Pure Vitamin C, perfect for all skin types.

Noche Y Dia Night and Day Vitamin C Serum

This serum helps in removing imperfections and in eliminating all signs of fatigue and stress. You can apply it in the morning before going out and in the night before going to bed.

The natural ingredient makes your skin energetic and hydrated and makes it fight against wrinkles and blemishes. Its daily use prepares your skin for youthful glow on your big day.

Make your habit of following these steps in your daily routine, which collectively would go a long way to give a flawless skin even after your wedding.

Consider Wedding Season

Applying makeup considering the climate plays a great role in getting that perfect result. If it’s summer, it is recommended to avoid oil-based makeup to get rid of too shiny skin. It helps in keeping you away from staining sheets on hand with that over-oily skin. For winters, you must use a foundation that does not make your skin too dry or flat.

Also, whether you are getting married in winters, fall, summers, or in springs, make sure to include sun protection in your makeup if you have an outdoor wedding.

If you have various occasions that go all day or have a wedding that goes from daytime to night-time, you should use makeup products that work for long hours.

Short-wearing makeup products may ruin your appearance after a few hours and you will be left with no option other than being photographed with that disaster, messy or dull appearance.

The brides going to be wed in summers are suggested to prep their skin with an anti-shine water-resistant primer. It works in making their skin less oily or shiny with a matte finish.

You can use Golden Rose Make-Up Primer for a natural glow without making it look greasy.

Golden Rose Make-Up Primer

Apart from giving the matte finish for flawless long hours’ makeup, this primer also helps in reducing the appearance of visible pores and fine lines provisionally after its use.

No matter what other makeup steps you follow to have a complete natural bridal look, it is a base that leaves your skin without feeling heavy.

If you have oily skin and want to avoid greasy look after applying makeup, this primer is something made especially to give relief to the people with oily skin. It is also suitable for normal and combination skin.

One thing should never forget is to use the makeup products based on your skin type.

Makeup Trial to avoid the blunder

This makeup tip is somewhat followed by many brides-to-be. Most of the makeup artists offer free makeup trial to their clients to give them an idea of their makeup skills as well as how a bride would look on the actual wedding day. This trial includes makeup, hairstyle etc.

Many brides-to-be skip this important step as a result of their busy schedule or some of them do not find it important to have a trial. The trial is something that should not be ignored in any way, both by the makeup artist and bride.

As the trial goes with trying different looks, like different eye makeup, hairstyles, shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows and all, it gives you and your artist an idea what would go perfectly on your skin and face.

Obviously, when you know that the look you wear as the bride is right for you, will make you feel confident and happy. That positive attitude will not only enhance your overall look but would be clearly seen in your wedding album as all.

Apply right Concealer

Concealer is used to cover the uneven skin tone in various areas on the face such as under the eyes, blemishes and dark spots. It can be used before or after applying the foundation based on the areas you want to cover.

Like for minimum coverage, apply it before foundation and if you require more coverage apply it after. It is better to discuss with your makeup artist to avoid wrong or too much coverage and to have the right concealer to brighten your face. Always choose a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone.

It is recommended to apply concealer using a brush which blends it gently into skin. To brighten the under eye area, you can use Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer which comes with a sponge-tip applicator.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

This concealer not only works in hiding dark circles but also helps in brightening the area and fine lines.

If you are dealing with dark circles and want something to get rid of those unwanted spots on your wedding day, apply it gently under the eyes and get the smooth and flawless finish.

Get the Talking Eyes

When it comes to natural bridal makeup, eyes have their own significant role to make a statement. Whether you choose a bold or glitter eye makeup, adding fake lashes and layers of mascara work a lot to enhance the eyes.

You can choose dark smoky eyes with your colorful bridal dress. Whether using light or dark eyeshadows, you always start from the outside of the eyes with dark shades and move inwards with light shades. This trick works perfectly in making your eyes look big, bright and beautiful.

To get the simple and sophisticated look, a sleek and dark line on the upper lashes helps to draw the attention to your eyes. For a perfect line, use eyeliner pencil first to draw the eyelash and then use liquid liner to add the touch and excellent staying power.

NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner can be the best option for the black, waterproof liquid eyeliner with an accurate brush tip.

You can add thin lines by drawing it lightly across the lash line and press it down for a broader line. You can control the thickness, where the fine and broad look is almost up to you.

NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner

When you go for a free trial, simply ask your makeup artist to try different eyeshadows and lines of eyeliner to find the best-suited look.

Use Lip Balm before Lipstick

Like the eyes, lips are also an important part of the perfect bridal makeup looks.

Never apply lip gloss or lipstick directly on your lips, you need to use lip balm to avoid dry and flaky lips. Also, lips without lip balm get faded after some time and will need to apply it again, which is not a good practice at all if you are a bride and applying lipstick while you are on stage in front of hundreds of guests.

After putting lip balm, use a lip pencil to hold the lipstick color for longer. You can use Clinique Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Lip Balm, available in different shades and flavors.

Clinique Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Lip Balm

This lip balm works as a moisturizing treatment to revive the lips with deep hydration. It can be used alone or under lipstick to give the extra moisture to lips. When applied under lipstick, it ensures to leave your lips moisturized for hours, thus enables lipstick to stay for hours.

It is good to prepare yourself by trying all the possible shades to have wonderful lips. If you are going to wear a light-colored wedding dress, natural lip color is something that will work pretty well. It is also found that matte lip colors stay longer than glossy shades.

Though matte shades go long, but still if you have a daylong wedding, it is advised to keep your lipstick in your purse for touch up. The chances are very less if you use good quality products for bride makeup.

Choose waterproof products

It is always recommended to choose waterproof makeup products to avoid the beauty blunder if you get emotional on your wedding day due to any reason. Waterproof products let you wipe away your tears without wiping the makeup as well.

Waterproof products must also be used if you are getting married in summers. Obviously, you would not like to get your foundation streaked due to sweat.

Keep a few products in your purse/bag

As we have already suggested you to keep your lipstick or lip gloss with you for touch up whenever you feel that your lip color has faded, you also need to keep a few other products on-hand all through the day.

These include blotting papers, cotton swabs, powder compact and others which you feel may require any time throughout the wedding day. Cotton swabs can be used to drop off extra makeup from the corners of the eyes when require. Lipstick or lip gloss for touch up if it has been faded when you drink or eat something.

Keep a few products in your purse bag

Use teeth whitening product

Yes, you have heard it right.

The wedding is a day when you welcome your guests with a wide smile on your face, when you pose for wedding photography with a smile and when you laugh loudly on a joke with your bridesmaids.

Apart from makeup, a smile is all that you wear that day to welcome your new life with a positive approach. It is of no use to spent huge money on your wedding dress and makeup for a gorgeous look if you have unclean, yellow or discolored teeth.

So, like your skin, you have to work on your teeth using teeth whitening products before your big day.

Be what you are

To experience the natural bridal makeup, all brides must be themselves. No doubt makeup will help you to enhance your natural features and look. But overdoing of anything is not good at all. You will not like the photos in which you are unrecognizable.

So, always keep your makeup limited and be the way you are. You are the bride, you are already beautiful, so be happy with what you are. Always keep in mind that makeup is only applied to give a little touch to that beauty.


The makeup of a bride is all about skills, glitter, and glamour to enhance the look that every bride always wants to have.

The best idea is to identify your best feature, whether eyes, lips, nose or even overall skin of your face and work on highlighting that feature.

Before your big day, drink plenty of water, live a stress-free life, exercise gently, eat healthy food, get enough sleep and follow basic skincare regime. These steps will help you to have a flawless skin that would be enhanced more with makeup on your wedding day. Add that flashy smile as well to the natural bridal makeup tip.

After all, it’s your day, so be confident on what you are and feel your best.

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