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Sex and Diabetes – How to Deal with Common Problems

Linda Mondry | January 27, 2019
Both men and women, living with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, may experience problems in their sex life. If you cannot satisfy yourself or your partner due to certain health issues, the chances of feeling anxious, frustrated and depressed increases to the great ext

Skin Care

Fungal Infection: Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

admin | January 18, 2019
We all know that skin is the largest organ of our body. Have you ever thought what if your skin gets ever infected with fungus? How your body would react to such skin condition? We very well understand that many of you might not be aware of the real cause of fungus affecting


Top 10 Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Nancy Wilson | January 04, 2019
Moisturizing plays a vital role in enhancing health and smoothness of your skin. Using a moisturizer is considered as the best step of skincare routine. People with oily skin usually skip this step as they believe that moisturizer can make their skin more oily which leads to man

Skin Care

The Best Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

Emily Turner | December 28, 2018
Caring for dry skin is as much as difficult as taking care of oily skin. Where you have to apply skin care routine to reduce excessive oil from your oily skin, here with dry skin the continuous application of moisturizer is required to get smooth and moisturized skin. People

Skin Care

Skin Care Tips To Manage Oily Skin

Jenny Wilson | December 21, 2018
I completely agree with the statement that beauty is not just a desire of women, whether teens, adults or older, but it has its own important role in improving their self-esteem and confidence. To maintain that beauty, every woman has to take care of her skin in all the possible

Skin Care

How to Prevent Acne & Pimples: 10 Tips to Avoid Breakouts

Linda Mondry | December 14, 2018
Have you ever thought what causes acne and pimples? Some people think that these skin issues occur mostly with teenagers. It is completely wrong. They can hit the people of all ages, even adults or older men and women. I was really unaware of this fact until this acne and pim