Chair Yoga Poses For Seniors To Support Mobility

By Cristie Martyn April 5, 2021 in Yoga

There is no doubt that yoga is for everybody. Do you know that yoga can also be practiced from a chair?

These days, seniors are more likely to be involved in yoga as compared to most students. When most seniors are more intentional as they move about the day, chair yoga for seniors helps a lot in various ways.

The chair yoga poses for seniors not only help in accommodating the natural aging process but are also effective in helping seniors having limited mobility to stay active.

Here, we are going to share some of the effective yoga poses for seniors, the benefits of doing yoga as well as how you can start with chair yoga for seniors.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits of yoga poses for seniors
  • Things required for chair yoga
  • Chair yoga poses for seniors

Benefits of Yoga Poses for Seniors

When we talk about chair yoga for seniors, it is a great way to improve the mobility and overall well-being of older people.

It is also true that doing yoga may be challenging for seniors, but with the help of simple yoga for seniors, you can enjoy numerous benefits even if you are a beginner.

Chair Yoga Poses For Seniors

Let’s go through the benefits of yoga poses for seniors.

  • Yoga helps in improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • It also lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • It prevents you from falling
  • It manages pain and inflammation
  • It manages diabetes
  • It helps in getting recovered from strokes and surgery
  • It also improves your sleep quality
  • It works in managing and eliminating depression and anxiety

Any person who practices yoga on a regular basis can enjoy these benefits. Whether you are a senior who wants to maintain good physical condition, or a person who wants to recover from an injury, or someone who wants to improve mobility, chair yoga for seniors is a good option to improve the health of your body and mind.

Things Required for Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a low-risk exercise, but you must ensure that you have the right equipment to get the most benefits from your workout. Using the right equipment also helps in preventing injuries.

Some important things/equipment required for chair yoga for seniors include:

  • Stable chair without arms
  • A flat surface of a chair
  • Flexible and comfortable clothing
  • Enough space to extend your body
  • An expert for safety

Some Effective Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors

No worries if you are doing yoga for the first time, the best way to enjoy yoga is to take the help of an expert.

An expert can help you in learning the right method to do each pose. He/she can also modify the poses that are more challenging for you.

Another method is to do yoga poses with the help of videos. You can find the number of chair yoga poses for seniors on the internet to get started.

Start chair yoga with breathing

Take a sturdy chair and sit in the way that your feet touch the ground and your knees are in the level with your hips. If your feet are unable to reach the ground, you can use a block or any other object to maintain the level. Make sure that your ankles are directly below your knees. This pose is called a seated mountain pose.

Chair Yoga Poses For Seniors

Once you are well seated, take your hands in the prayer pose. Now, start taking deep breathes, where you have to breathe in and out through the nose. When you breathe in, stretch your spine towards the ceiling and when you breathe out, keep your spine in the same place and feel more grounded on your chair.

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Stretch your arms

When you are looking for chair yoga poses for seniors, keep your spine tall and keep your hands to both sides when you breathe out. When you breathe in, take your arms up and overhead. Try to touch your palms above you. After this, breathe out while moving your hands down.

You have to do this yoga pose for 5-10 full rounds of breathing.

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Roll your neck

This is also one of the effective chair yoga for seniors. Sit straight in the chair and keep your arms in the lap. Take slight support of your belly and start contracting your navel to your spine. Now, exhale and keep your chip to your chest.

Next, breathe-in while moving your left ear towards your left shoulder. Similarly, breathe out while moving your chin back to the chest. After this, breathe in and move your right ear towards your right shoulder.

You have to repeat this process 3-4 times to each side.

Shoulder circles

In this pose of yoga for seniors, engage your belly and keep your spine straight. Now, keep your fingertips on your shoulders in the way that left-hand fingertips to the left shoulder and right-hand fingertips to the right shoulder.

Chair Yoga Poses For Seniors

You have to keep your elbows to the level of your shoulders. Now, breathe in and start rolling your arms forward, both at the same time.

Then, breathe out when both arms are behind you. You have to complete three circles before switching the directions.

Side stretch

Keep your feet on the ground and body steady. Now, place your right hand on the chair. Breathe out and start moving your left arm up and overhead.

Also, turn your head up in the way that you are looking at the ceiling. Do this if you feel comfortable with your neck.

Now, take three deep breaths and breathe-in while straightening up to the center. Then, breathe out to release your left arm. Repeat the same process with the right arm.

Seated twist

Seated twist is also one of the simple yoga poses for seniors. Sit straight in your chair and keep your feet on the floor. Now, breathe in to get even taller and then breathe out while moving your body to the right.

This way, your right hand will come to the back of the chair seat and keep your left hand on the right knee. While doing this pose, you must try not to move your lower body and also try not to move when you breathe in and breathe out.

Next, breathe in to return to the center and then breathe out to move to the other side.

Single leg stretch

In this chair yoga for seniors, you have to move a little to the edge of the chair. Straighten your spine and start extending one leg in front of you. Try to move your foot in a way that the toe is pointing back towards you.

Now, place both hands on this stretched leg and breathe in. Next, breathe out and move to the hips to fold forward.

After this, take 3-5 deep breaths and then come back to the initial position while breathing in. Switch your legs and repeat the process.

Cat-cow pose

This is also one of the beneficial chair yoga poses for seniors. Straighten your spine and place your hands on the knees.

Now, breathe in and start arching your back and opening your chest. Try to stretch your neck and lift it towards the ceiling if you can.

Breathe out and start moving your hips back in the way that you round your lower back, middle and upper back. Make sure that your chin should be moved towards your upper chest.

Repeat this process 3-5 times while breathing in and out.

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Seated pigeon pose

In this chair yoga for seniors, keep your right ankle on your left knee and your hands should be placed gently on your knee and ankle.

Chair Yoga Poses For Seniors

Sit straight with a lightly engaged belly. When you feel that your hips are stretched, stay here. If you want some more stretching, try to lean forward.

Take 3-5 deep breaths. After this, breathe out to come up and then switch sides and repeat the same.

Bend forward with stretched shoulder

This yoga pose is similar to the seated pigeon pose. Start bending forward just like you do in a seated pigeon pose. But, in this pose, you have to keep your hands behind your back.

When you move forward while breathing out, you have to lift your hands towards the sky while stretching your shoulders.

Come into a forward fold and keep your hands on the floor. Breathe in and move your right arm to the sky while leaving your left arm touching the ground.

At the same time, try to turn your neck to look towards the ceiling and take three deep breaths. Now, breathe out to get back to the forward fold. Then, breathe in to repeat the process with the left arm.

Upper body stretch

This is one of the gentle yoga poses for seniors. Sit on the chair and bend your knees in the way that your ankles are placed directly below your knees.

Now, breathe-in while raising both your arms up above your head. Then, breathe naturally while keeping both your arms above the head. If you feel comfortable, try to gently stretch your left arm and breathe out while relaxing your left arm and stretching your right arm higher.

If you are okay with it, try to repeat this pose a few times. You have to breathe in when you stretch your left arm and breathe out while stretching your right arm.

Final Words

These are some of the simple and easier chair yoga poses for seniors. You must take some time out of your day to strengthen your mind and body.


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