10 Most Effective Daily Exercises For Women Over 40 To Stay Fit

By Nancy Wilson August 30, 2019 in Fitness

When you hit 40, your body needs more activities and exercises that not only help you in fighting various health issues but make you look younger and energetic.

Of course, such physical activities cannot stop you from getting older, but they work effectively in increasing your life expectancy by minimizing the inner and external effects on your body, something like a regression of chronic disease that may easily hit you after you turned 40.

When it comes to daily exercises for women over 40, you might have observed that most of the women do not pay much attention to their health and take their regular workout programs lightly, which is not a good sign at all for your both physical and mental health.

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In this guide, we will share 10 effective daily exercises for women over 40 that you must consider to get in shape as well as giving you a tag of a fit women over 40.

Daily exercises for women over 40

Daily exercises for women over 40


It is simple yet effective arm raising exercise that can be added to your daily exercise routine. Just hold both arms in a way making T shape and raise them making Y shape and keep them down. You can also pick up weight while doing this exercise. It is one of the best daily exercises for women over 40 that work on back, shoulders, and arms.

Walk backward

Walking backward plays a great role in enhancing your core strength and balance. In the beginning, you may feel a little hard to do this exercise, but when you get used to it, you will enjoy doing it. You just have to walk with 10-15 backward steps after every few minutes. It also works great on improving your balance, coordination as well as calves muscles and tendons in your lower legs.


Burpees is a high-intensity cardio exercise which is the great choice to stimulate your metabolism and becomes important to carry out at a certain age. So, if you are a woman over 40 and want to prevent your metabolism to be slowing down, you must perform this exercise without putting too much pressure on your body.

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You must do Squats daily if you like every woman wants to have a curved backside. Some women have round backside naturally but after the age of 40, it starts losing as a result of the reduction of muscle mass. You have to bend while keeping your knees right above the feet and make sure to keep your back straight. This exercise is extremely helpful in toning your whole body.


It is one of the best daily exercises for women over 40 that play an effective role in keeping your body fit and healthy. It is a quite simple exercise that anyone can do without putting any kind of stress on their body. When it comes to burning calories, tone your body as well as improve your mood, walking is the simplest one to do daily. Walking can be performed anytime, but the morning is the best time for the best results.

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Elliptical machine

To maintain a healthy heart for a woman over 40 is very important, that also prevents various other health problems associated with it. Low-impact cardio is considered as a great way when it comes to keeping a healthy heart. You have to perform the exercise on the Elliptical machine for about 30 minutes. You can work on this exercise daily but make sure to work at the level which you feel is not putting pressure on your heart rate.


When looking for daily exercises for women over 40 that are helpful in preventing you from arthritis, you must exercise using dumbbells as the best way. It does not require lifting heavy weights for hours; this exercise is quite easy to perform. All you need to push is just 1-3 kg in each hand and when you will perform it even 3-4 times a week, you will observe a great change in your body.

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When you grow older, you may experience back pain and with time, this health problem becomes common. So, the best way to fight and prevent back pain after 40, you have to take help of Plank exercise to tone your body muscles. It works effectively in tightening your entire midsection as well as supporting your lower back.

Glute Bridge

If you are a working woman and have a sitting job, the chances of deactivating your glutes which in turn reduce the rate of burning your calories. Sitting for long hours put pressure on your butts and can also open up any tightness. To make a glute bridge, lie down on the ground and keep your arms aside your butts. Now, lift your hips up and then slowing puts them down on the ground.

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You need to work on your healthy mind as well along with working on your body to keep it healthy at this age. The yoga being a daily regime is highly beneficial in building strength, balance, and stability. When you include yoga in your daily exercises for women over 40, it helps in reducing stress, which is very important when you grow older and have numerous responsibilities to deal in your daily life.


If you are like most of the other women looking for the easiest and most effective daily exercises for women over 40, you must go through these given exercises and try to incorporate most of them in your daily health routine.

Don’t let your busy schedule and modern lifestyle to overcome your health at this life stage, when you really want to look after yourself to have healthy life after getting 40.

These exercises will help you to tone your body and to live youthful and healthy life even after getting 40.

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