Beautiful Fairy Hairstyles Ideas To Try

By Cristie Martyn May 13, 2019 in Hair Style

There is no doubt that every bride wants to look like a princess on her big day. Also, whether you are going for prom, for a costume party or any occasion, there is no surprise if you want a glamorous and down-to-earth look.

The fairy hairstyles are in demand by many women as they enable them to have a beautiful look in a natural and dreamy way.

Those casual and traditional hairdos are very common, so if you want something different, going with fairytale hairstyles can do wonder, even beyond your expectations.

Fairy Hairstyles

If you love the hairstyles of Disney princesses, there is nothing to be surprised when you have that particular hairstyle on your wedding or any other occasion.

We all know that Disney princesses have their own unique style chops and getting ready for an occasion with updo, braid, or curls covered in colorful flowers is something about embracing your natural texture.

Of course, you cannot color your hair or can make long hair the way they usually have, but by choosing the right fairytale hairstyle you can achieve a flawless and beautiful appearance as a bride.

Snow White Bob

If you love snow white and looking for hairstyle similar to her, it would be like turning yourself into classic snowy beauty. For those with black locks, getting a snow white hairdo is like a perfect choice for having a hairstyle with short hair or if you want to keep them short.

Snow White Bob Hairstyle

Listen, cutting hair before any occasion is not a good idea at all, so fake them short by adding curls for texture, making loose braids and pinning up to look like a bob.

If you are going for a costume party, you must try this fairytale hairstyle.

Cinderella Updo

You will sure love Cinderella hairdo to add that completely classic style to your personality.

If you want to transform yourself to your favorite character, Cinderella, so just by wearing her dress for a costume party would not give you a complete look. You cannot go wrong in any way with a hairstyle like Cinderella’s.

Cinderella Updo Hairstyle

It is also one of the best fairy hairstyles for a wedding, no matter whether you are walking down the aisle or attending a wedding as a bridesmaid or as a guest.

Simply, make a crown for volume; wrap the other curls into a loose, high bun. Adding any hair accessory complements your hairstyle, but it is optional.

Belle Half Updo

If you are one who is inspired by this princess, named as Belle, you can gain her end look with her hairstyle. Adding a gold ribbon and voila is something that completes the hairstyle of your favorite princess.

Also, when you are looking for the best fairy hairstyles ideas for wedding, you surely go best with half up and half down the route.

Belle Half Updo hairstyles

The hairstyle does not let your hair to fall on your face while taking pictures or dancing, but still, you have a few soft strands on your shoulders which may wave while dancing for a romantic effect.

Just get a picture of your favorite character with you and rock a similar style.

Jasmine Ponytail

Jasmine is the favorite Disney princess of many girls and women across the world. She has an awesome ponytail which is a completely unique idea from the traditional, boring ponytail, which girls usually do for their casual look.

Now, Jasmine ponytail enables you to get rid of that boring hairstyle and add something chic using lace, ribbon, or you can also go for a fishtailed pony.

Jasmine Ponytail

If you want your look in Disney Style for a costume party, then why not to try her dress and hairstyle for complete appearance as your favorite Disney princess. It is very easy and is the perfect hairdo for girls with longer tresses.

Tiana Curly do

No worries if you have natural curly hair and always have to struggle doing the right hairdo to set your curls in an elegant way.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to fighting with your natural curls on your big day, when you have a classy hairstyle as an alternative, tight curls.

Especially, when you have a summer wedding, managing frizzy curls is really very hard. So, the best idea is to go with the curly hairdo of a Disney princess, Tiana.

Tiana Curly do

Make sure to add a styling serum to keep your frizzy curls at bay. Also, you will not like the sweaty neck when on the dance floor, so it would be better to pile all curls on top of your head.

You can add a stylish headband or any hair accessory for extra sparkle.

Elsa Braid

It does not mean that only girls with long hair can create a braid. Though it is a great way to go if you have thicker and long locks, but at the same time, you can enjoy this fairy hairstyle inspired by Queen Elsa, even if you do not have long, blonde hair.

The girls with medium hair length can still do side-braid for any occasion.

elsa braid hairstyle

This hairstyle also looks wonderful with your casual outfits and leaving you much more fashion forward. Even if you are going for an outing with your friends, you can style your thick hair in something unique and stylish.

This hairdo can also be a perfect idea for a wedding, adding an extension to add volume will give you a fabulous appearance just like your snow queen.

Anna Braid Updo

For those, looking for adding two ideas in one hairstyle, going with such kind of coronation hairdo that includes both braid and updo, feels you like a princess of a day.

This hairstyle can be done on girls to have that cute look and can be a perfect wedding hairdo to get a tousled style.

Anna Braid Updo

Simply, make a three-strand braid and add it to a loose updo. You can also choose for flicks on both sides.


These are some cute and perfect fairy hairstyles that help you to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Some of them can be tried on other occasions and even with casual outfits.

You can try any of them based on your choice as well as if you want to acquire the look of your favorite character or princess.

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