Fashion for Women Over 60 - Guide to Look Fabulous

By Linda Mondry October 16, 2019 in Fashion Trends

A good fashion sense is built up of comfort and confidence than it has been about the latest trends.

A person who can weed out all the trends that do not suit their body type and make sure that they dress to accentuate all their features and hide their problem areas is the one who has a good fashion sense.

As we get older we start having many inhibitions about our appearance, your skin ages and wrinkles.

Fat starts to accumulate around different parts of your body.

Many women over 60 feel the need to distance themselves from taking care of themselves or putting effort into their look due to these issues.

Women over 60 can look elegant and classy if they choose the right outfits and take care of some very basic things.

Dressing up as we grow older should not be a task but a joyous process as it was when you were younger.

Here are some tips that will help you navigate your way through your closet and the store with greater ease.

Table of Contents

  • Leggings not Tights
  • Mom Jeans
  • Khaki
  • Tunic Tops
  • Long Cardigans
  • Classics
  • Blazers
  • Denim
  • Trench Coat
  • Monochrome
  • Neck scarves
  • Kimono Jackets
  • Long Dresses

Fashion for Women Over 60

Leggings not Tights

For older women, comfort is of great importance.

You cannot look or feel confident when you’re uncomfortable or sweating through your makeup.

A pair of leggings make for a great piece of clothing in fashion for women over 60.

This is an essential piece that can be dressed up with a shirt or simply used to create a comfortable as well as a casual look with a knitted sweater or sombre top.

Avoid buying thin leggings that give the appearance of tights as this will highlight any sagging skin.

Fashion for women over 60

Mom Jeans

As the name suggests, these jeans are perfect for an older woman, such as a mom that has to go about running errands, finish chores and discipline the kids.

These high waisted and loosely fitting jeans are a great way to cover your problem areas and leave you feeling more shapely.

What’s more?

It can be teamed up with a variety of things to create both semi-formal and casual looks.

Several styles are available in this category.

You can have ankle zip jeans that can be paired with a plain tee shirt for a day out during summers or a dark coloured pair that can be worn with a light coloured blazer for a dressy dinner date.


Summer is the season to go about and enjoy your day on the beach, or having a good time with your grandkids in the backyard.

This is why it is important to choose a material and a look that allows you to feel free and move around as much as you want, as well as absorb sweat and let your skin breathe.

Khaki pants are a must-have as a part of fashion for women over 60.

Pair this up with a light cotton shirt in a long day or a black top for an evening look.

You can pair it up with a fedora hat to give it a little glam factor.

Tunic Tops

Tunics are a great way to hide the tummy fat that accumulates as you age.

Older women feel very restricted in terms of choices of clothes because of a few problem areas such as the belly or thighs.

It is a great idea in fashion for women over 60 to wear tunic tops that help them cover their problem areas.

Do not opt for overly baggy designs but an A-line cut.

Fashion for women over 60

Long Cardigans

Fashion for women over 60 can also have basic pieces that add a lot of elegance to an entire outfit.

To make a simple combination of a top and pants more interesting is to team it up with a long cardigan.

Not only does layering create an illusion of a slimmer figure, but it also makes the whole outfit appear more dressy and make you look classy, without having to put much thought into your outfit.

This is a great way to dress for a casual brunch or a movie plan. Invest in light coloured long cardigans to make sure that you have versatile choices.


There is a reason why most trends often take the form of a fad before they disappear from the face of the earth.

Only buying classics will ensure that you do not have to replace outfits in your closet now and then.

It is also a great investment for people of any age and body shape since they are versatile and suits most body shapes and structures.

The technical dressing is a safe bet and will always make you feel more confident and stand out rather than following the trends that you will see everyone dressed in.


Another way to refresh your look or make changes in your appearance to spruce things up is to try a tomboy chic look.

The best bet in fashion for women over 60 is the use of a blazer.

This adds a layer to your look making it dressier. Apart from this, it is a comfortable option with lots of ways to dress it up.

Challenge yourself by pulling off a more masculine look with a pair of bootcut jeans and a shirt teamed with a blazer.

Alternatively, you can team a light coloured blazer with a classic black dress when you want to look like you mean business.

Fashion for women over 60


Denim is the perfect go-to fashion choice for people of all ages, shapes and genders.

It is easy to style and accessorize and is a fundamental staple in every wardrobe.

It is important to ensure that you wear denim of the right size, which will elevate your entire look.

The right kind of denim to pick would be straight leg or wide-legged jeans.

The other ways you can own denim is to have a plain denim shirt or a dark denim jacket.

Trench Coat

If you have a big dinner party to attend or a fancy date, you need to dress it up.

The best way to do this despite having simple pieces of clothing is to throw on a trenchcoat over your outfit to complete your look.

You can even team it up with a pair of formal pants, a basic v-neck tee shirt and a colourful scarf.

This a great look for women over 60. If you wish to buy only one trenchcoat, it is advised that you choose a beige, ochre or a light shade of brown.


Monochrome outfits bring a sense of calm and make you look composed and chic, which is also easier to accessorize.

A white on white combination is great for all seasons and it is an evergreen look that will not disappoint you.

This is sure to suit a person with any skin tone and will make you look fresh.

This makes it a crucial part of fashion for women over 60.

Neck scarves

The classic neck scarves will always be an important part of fashion for women over 60.

Many women own scarves as accessories and tend not to wear them.

Smaller necklaces can replace necklaces as a statement accessory and can change your whole look.

There are several ways to style a small scarf and it can be tied in different ways to create different looks.

Fashion for women over 60

Kimono Jackets

This is a subtle way to style up your basic looks and add a bit of flair and colour to your outfit if you wish to.

They make for a modest addition to any look and they create a generous change in the way you look.

They have vibrant colours and the patterned kimono jackets can be teamed with a variety of colours and styles.

Long Dresses

For occasions like weddings, you can stick to vintage looks that suit your body and make you feel more elegant.

There are frills, ruffles and lace overlays that you can play with.

You can also experiment with sleeves and add a puffy sleeve or change the length to cover only three-fourths of your arm.

This way you can spruce up your look without looking like you’re overdressed or underdressed for an occasion.


The key to dressing up when you are older is to find an elegance in simplicity.

The trick is to stick to shapes and patterns that make you feel comfortable in your skin.

These patterns are all meant to accentuate the good features you have and make sure that you can feel better about your problem areas, making you feel confident and beautiful.

These tips will help anyone who does not understand fashion for women over 60.

So, go ahead and try these ideas to see the change for yourself.


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