The Splendid Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily!

By Jenny Wilson April 30, 2021 in Daily Routines

Among the varieties of beverages and food items available in the market, green tea offers plenty of hidden benefits that lay below the surface in plain sight. Today, this beverage holds an important position in numerous people’s dietary plans, and it’s all for a good reason. Besides serving to be a refreshment drink that completes the day for some people or helps them get going ahead with their day, there are still plentiful benefits of drinking green tea daily.

Before we foray into the essential health benefits of green tea consumption, you must know that this medicinal solution that is hundreds of years old has been verified by science to offer the said benefits it offers. With the global population consuming over 500,000 tonnes of green tea annually, there sure are plenty of types and ways to consume it.

health benefits of green tea

If you aren’t already conscious of the type of green tea you should begin consuming, don’t worry, the few below-given common types should help you decide which green tea could be most suitable for you.

Types of Green Tea

The main thing about brewing green tea is to prevent overheating it. Doing so will make the green tea taste bitter than usual. To follow the global rule of thumb that’s practiced for ages by generations of people, prepare your green tea with water at a temperature between 60-65 C. Moreover, do not let it warm beyond three minutes as boiling it further may not offer you similar health benefits of green tea that you will get after following the process.

With that mentioned for general usage in everyday life, let’s take a glance at the famous types of green tea:

Matcha Green Tea

The matcha tea will command a hefty price compared to other green tea types, but it is worth the cost. This tea is made from powdered tea leaves of high quality, and it offers supreme nutritional value. Be sure to whisk your matcha tea from the base to evenly break up the clumps of matcha till you get a frothy surface. It’s your cue to sip away!

Sencha Green Tea

The sencha tea is grown in great quantities by the Japanese, contributing 80% of the total global yield share. They traditionally serve it with enthusiasm during their meals and social gatherings as it contains no additives. The lush flavor of adequate sweetness and grassy aroma of this tea will lift your spirits well no matter whether you get the lighter or darker Seneca green tea.


Gyokuro Green Tea

This creamy delight is rife with deliciously bright flavor is also grown by the Japanese in large volumes. Brewing the Gyokuro green tea requires lesser heat and lesser time for the leaves to meld with the water. The end product is a tea that can offer you practical relief upon consumption and some additional vigor that gets lost in everyday life.

Mint Green Tea

It is a flavored tea whose leaves are mixed with chopped mint leaves to elevate both the base leaves’ fragrance and qualities. This tea’s refreshing nature can soothe stressful nerves into a calm state and without even needing to add any sweetness to it. Ideally, if you consume this tea with ice, it is perfectly acceptable all the same as drinking it warm.

Jasmine Green Tea

Unlike the other popular teas on the list, the Jasmine green tea is also a flavored tea whose green leaves carry the aroma of the jasmine flowers within themselves. It is one of the oldest types of tea to exist that is to date at some places offered with jasmine blossoms in it. Either way, consuming it will provide you with a light but positively grassy taste that accompanies the mesmerizing scent of jasmine.

Essential Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Let’s, without further ado, learn about all the health benefits of drinking green tea so you too can reap the benefits for yourself and pass on this knowledge to others.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure

People suffering from the risk of higher blood pressure can find a boon in this harmless but flavorsome beverage. Consuming green tea can help them maintain balanced systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure, whose equilibrium could de-stress the body naturally without needing supplements.

Promotes Weight Loss

Each type of green tea usually contains three elements, namely the catechin, caffeine, and theanine. These compounds together promote faster metabolism, allowing the body to burn calories faster and easily breaking down the dietary fats present in the body. Anyone looking to implement a weight control regimen should not disregard this one of the numerous benefits of drinking green tea daily.

health benefits of green tea

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Prevents Cancer

According to a published study by the National Cancer Institute, it is observed that people who have a habit of regularly consuming green tea are 60% less likely to contract Esophageal cancer. The anti-cancerous properties of green tea have also been accepted to present usefulness for inhibiting the growth of some cancers at different cancer sites and lungs.

Reduces Cholesterol

One of the natural benefits of drinking green tea is that your body develops a healthier flow of blood in the bloodstream, which also equates to naturally releasing bad cholesterol (LDL) from your body while retaining the good one (HDL) in healthy quantities.  Collectively, the Polyphenols responsible for this magic also allow for offering glowing skin.

Prevents Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

The compounds catechin & epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECCG) present in green tea have shown support for delaying memory regression and inhibiting plaques that usually lead to developing Alzheimer’s Disease. These compounds also protect the brain tissues from neurological degeneration, such as cognitive impairment and dementia.

Promotes Satiation

The benefits of drinking green tea daily that nutritionists most value throughout the world are singularly preceded by this tea’s leading ability to make the person feel satiated. Such a nature of green tea promotes mindful eating by preventing the need to consume more calories as the body will already feel adequately cared for after a cup of green tea.

Minimize Tooth Decay

The polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, and fluoride found in green tea are responsible for supporting your gums and teeth’ natural integrity. Their antibacterial properties prevent tooth decay and cavities by reducing acid production in the mouth. However, this is still no substitute for healthily maintaining your teeth over the act of regularly brushing and cleaning your teeth.

Reduce Heart Diseases

Drinking green tea helps clear out blood vessels’ inner linings, removing any chances of forming clots. They are usually the main cause behind different types of cardiovascular and cardiac diseases, and they can be prevented to a possible extent by simply sipping away your green tea. You should better bank on gaining these health benefits of green tea consumption instead of using supplements that offer similar results.

Heart Disease Reduce

Strengthens Bones

A study depicts the regular consumption of green tea can help people from experiencing lesser chances of suffering from hip fractures by a third margin due to polyphenols’ presence. This compound fights against osteoporosis conditions while also supporting the bones’ mineral density so they can longer remain intact.

Immunity Booster

The known benefits of drinking green tea also boost the body’s immune system and promote better ocular health. A person can prevent their eyes from suffering from certain types of eye-related conditions. The antibacterial and antiviral substances in green tea further build up a person’s immunity to combat common illnesses such as flu, cold, cough, etc.

Lowers Depression

A few studies have observed the polyphenols compound present in green tea to act as an anti-depressant. Besides this, the active practice of drinking this beverage can instantly help to lift a person’s mood besides helping them feel more concentrated and focused on their tasks.


By collectively offering these many benefits through the simple procedure of sipping a popular beverage, the benefits of drinking green tea daily contribute to helping a person experience fewer ailments, which significantly helps increase their lives’ longevity. Additionally, consuming green tea can further prove to serve as a stimulant and a beverage that can have quite limited or next to negligible side effects or risks.

health benefits of green tea

Potential Risks?

Alongside the multiple health benefits of green tea consumption, there are few potentially risky aspects, i.e., caffeine and tannin. For women experiencing pregnancy and people advised against caffeine consumption, you should not take green tea more than one cup a day. Not doing so will lead to lower absorption of iron and folic acid, which are vitally known to assist various bodily functions.

Final Words

It would be best if you indeed tried to consume green in different ways, such as Grapefruit Green tea, Iced green Tea With Mint & Mango, etc., to surprise your taste buds and never miss out on the healthy anti-oxidants that are ever-present in all types of green tea.

The health benefits of green tea are truly many beyond helping you also have clear skin, boosting immunity, promoting youthfulness, imbibing refreshment yet helping to relax, and so much more.


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