Healthy Daily Routine To Keep Your Mental and Physical Health in Shape

By Nancy Wilson February 28, 2019 in Health

When anyone talks about taking care of your health or ask anything about your health, the only thing that comes in your mind is physical health and answer their statements accordingly. We usually forget the importance of our mental state in maintaining our overall health.

Just like your body needs a daily routine for maintaining physical health, at the same time, you have to put the focus on a daily routine to improve your mental health as well.

Most of the people do not pay attention to their daily habits and end up with imbalanced emotions that often lead to negative thinking. When you are not strong, healthy and positive from your mind, it brings negative effects on your overall health, which includes physical, emotional and mental. As a result, it brings a huge impact on your life.

Through this article, we would like to provide you with the effective healthy daily routine for healthy life, both physically and mentally.

Get ‘me’ time

It is a fact that in this busy life, most of you do not have time to do something for yourself or which makes you feel relax and peaceful. Many of you may be want to read more, or want to join a dance or aerobic classes, or want to go out on weekends with your friends, or want to enjoy your favorite sports or it can be anything, but due to lack of time, you are not able to do what you want.

get me time

It results in losing yourself in front of your other priorities. The best way is to set some time for you with no distractions and can fully spend on yourself, be it sports, yoga, painting, gardening, reading, writing or anything. It helps in keeping you mentally relaxed.

Make Exercise a daily routine

The studies have also proved that exercising regularly is highly powerful in bringing positive effects on brain, anxiety, self-respect, and recovery from addiction. You do not need to do heavy cardio or intense workout; it should simply include some exercises for at least 20 minutes in a day to improve your heart rate.

Make Exercise a daily routine

Some people do exercise as their healthy daily routine because it makes them happy. You must add this tip to your daily routine to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Give rest to your body

No other action can compare the benefits of exercises, but many people usually forget the importance of giving rest to their body and mind. It includes both sleep and relaxation, where for physical health you need to give time to your muscles for recuperating and to build strength. While on the other hand, for mental health, rest works as a key to refresh your mind. It is very important to give your mind a break from your hectic and stressful schedule.

Give rest to your body

Going non-stop may bring adverse effect on your physical and mental health, so give your body the rest it needs and adds this key point to your daily routine for healthy life.

Plan the next day before going to bed

Some people usually wake up in the morning in a rush and get involved in their activities one after another and get exhausted at the end of the day. If you want a peaceful start of your day, it is better to plan a whole day tasks the night before. If you have a clear intention for the next day, you will not get stuck anywhere or feel tired and stressful.

Also, remembering what went wrong and what went well on the whole day will help you to determine how to plan the other day so that those wrong actions will not repeat again. Be committed to what you have planned.

Plan the next day before going to bed

This daily routine for healthy life must be followed to keep your mental and physical health in shape.

Develop an outstanding life vision

Many people do not know what their goals are or what they want from their life. Here, we are not talking about the goals like getting a new home, buying a luxury car, marrying, getting a job in MNC or anything. Actually, these are not the goals, these are the ways you want to live, and these are your needs.

For some people, life vision is music, for some it is art, for some, it is traveling the world, for some, it is learning new things, for some, it is mastering on a particular activity, it involves a long list. So, develop the vision that makes you feel satisfied, add it to your daily routine and enjoy a positive change in your mental and physical health.

Read, listen or watch something inspirational

No worries if you do not feel like doing anything on any day. We are humans and we have mood swings, so there is no wrong if you are not ready to do something. But, you can utilize that time by reading, listening or watching something inspirational. It can be related to health, self-esteem, productivity, business, lifestyle or anything which interests you the most.

Hearing experts’ talk on your favorite topics or any inspirational topic works effectively in filling you with positive energy in no time. You can also make a playlist of videos on YouTube and watch it anytime when you feel low or bored.


We all know that if we want to live a long and happy life, we should concentrate on our health and wellness. Staying healthy, in terms of both physically and mentally, has a great significance in building a healthy life.

We have included these easy to follow a healthy daily routine so that you can keep an eye on your physical and mental health easily without adding more stress to your daily activities.

If you will follow them properly, they will sure help in making you a better person day by day.

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