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By Jenny Wilson February 13, 2020 in Home Remedies

Do you worry about the hygiene of your environment and the environment your kids are growing up in? Do you suffer from the infestation of flies in your house? Does it burn a hole in your pocket to call the pest control every time the problem seems to be out of control?

Well! There are many home remedies for gnats that will help solve all your problems.

There are two different types of gnats. One of them is called the fungus gnat. These flies often lurk around unclean sources of water, stagnant water and aquatic bodies. This means there will be swarms of these flies on your weekend trip to the lake house.

The second type of gnats is the ones that hover around rotting fruits and can be seen lurking near garbage bags and stale food items. These infamous flies are often called fruit flies.

Fruit flies and gnats may not be harmful on their own, but since these flies breed in stagnant water just like mosquitoes, they often carry many harmful pathogens on their legs. These cause many different diseases.

The worst thing about dealing with flies and gnats is that they may bother you despite having impeccable cleaning staff. They have access to homes that are closer to greenery and human-made waste as well. Thus, tackling gnats isn’t an easy task, for you can account for your room and porch, but what about the wet waste on the streets outside?

Well, there is no need to worry. There are several home remedies for gnats and house flies, that will make sure you or your family members are not victims of a dangerous and contagious disease.

Remedies for Gnats

There are several reliable home remedies for gnats that help get rid of them easily. Here are some of those remedies-

Create a Trap

There are several ways to lure house flies and gnats. One way is to mix apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. The sweet smell of the vinegar will attract the flies while the soap will make sure they cannot use the sensors on their antenna or the functions of their leg.

Another trap can be made with the use of rotten fruits. They can be placed in a jar that can be left uncovered right outside your home. The smell will attract the flies and they will stay out of your home and hair!

Use a Candle

House flies are among the many insects that are attracted to light. When it’s dark out, you can place a lit candle in the center of a bowl. This will attract flies and make sure they stay away from the edibles in your house.

Damn, that’s Damp!

One of the things that attract house flies and gnats is stagnant water. The most effective home remedy for gnats, thus, is the removal of any damp surface. Make sure your dishes are dried after they are washed. Ensure that there are no leaky pipes and faucets in your house. Also, make sure that the garbage remains covered.

Bleach it Clean!

One of the areas where gnats and house flies gather is the bathroom. Only introducing a sweet smell is not enough to tackle the swarms of flies that collect in areas like this. To make sure that this does not happen, you need to mix some bleach in water. Half a cup of bleach can be added to four liters of water. Now pour this solution down the drain. This is a tricky home remedy for gnats because you need to take some extra precautions. Wear gloves and a mask while handling these ingredients.

Go Bananas!

The pantry can be a tricky place to tackle gnats. It is ill-advised to introduce any chemicals in the place you store food items. Hence sprays and bleach may not be the right choice. Instead, use the rotten bananas lying in your house to use the cheapest home remedy for gnats. Place a mashed, rotten banana in a mason jar and cover it with thin plastic wrap. Now, puncture small holes in the wrap.

Remedies for Gnats

The flies will crawl into the jar because of the smell of bananas. However, because of the plastic wrap, they will not be able to escape. This is a perfect trap to place in an area where a spill may be hazardous.

Spray your Troubles Away

The best home remedy for gnats to tackle them head-on is the use of a simple homemade solution. Take one cup of water. Now add one tablespoon of vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing soap into the mix. Now fill a spray bottle with this solution and whenever you see a gnat or a housefly flying around, you can use this solution. The best part about this is, it is much safer than all the other sprays.

This won’t harm your house plants and it will be much safer to use with toddlers or kids around the house.

Villainous Vanilla

One of the most surprising home remedies for gnats is vanilla. The scent of vanilla repels house flies and gnats and keeps them at bay. The best way to use this remedy is to buy a bottle of vanilla extract or vanilla essential oils from your local store. Dip a cotton ball in water and add a drop of the essence before placing this in the open.


Cinnamon is known to kill the fungal growth. This curb the fungus growing on rotten fruits where the larvae of house flies grow. This is a great way to ensure that the reproduction of these flies does not cause an increase in your troubles. Leave cinnamon sticks in the pantry and add them to your potpourri too.

These home remedies for gnats are bound to help you curb the problem before it becomes a large issue. This will ensure that no flies are infecting your food and make sure you live in hygienic environments. Make sure you try all these different home remedies for gnats to make sure which one works best.


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