Home Remedies for Mosquitoes

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All of us remember losing a few hours of sleep due to the dreaded buzzing of mosquitoes in the room. Just when you are about to close your eyes, one pesky mosquito is bound to land on your arm and wake you up again.

But not only do these mosquitoes pose a threat to your beauty sleep, they are also carriers of some potentially life-threatening diseases and they spread a plethora of viruses such as malaria and dengue through their legs. They breed on stagnant water and tend to carry the viruses from these environments to the human host when they bite them.

This can be a major concern for parents with young children, elders with lowering immunity. There are several home remedies for mosquitoes that will help you tackle this issue without having to introduce any chemically synthesised products in your home environment as they may be harmful for your children, pets and plants.

Here are some home remedies for mosquitoes


One of the oldest home remedies for mosquitoes. Camphor has a strong odour that is bound to drive these insects away. No matter how bad the mosquito problem is in your neighbourhood, you can easily keep them out of your house of apartment by closing all the doors and windows and then lighting camphor inside. This is an extremely effective home remedy and you will see that there are no mosquitoes in the house within thirty minutes.

Home Remedies for Mosquitoes

This is a great way to ensure your guests don’t complain about the insect bites when you are entertaining. You can even ensure that your barbeque party remains insect-free by using this simple home remedy.


Another one of the best home remedies for mosquitoes that relies on a strong odour to tackle mosquitoes. One of the best ways to use this home remedy is to crush some garlic and then boil them in some water. pour this solution in a spray can and pour it in your room, garage etc.

This solution is a great way to kill mosquitoes instantly without harming your houseplants. The great thing about this solution is that the smell tends to dissipate in your nose very quickly and hence you will not have to worry about covering up that garlic smell. The solution won’t leave any smell behind.

Coffee Grounds

One of the best things about this home remedy for mosquitoes is that it is easily found in every home. All you need to do is pour some coffee grounds in stagnant water. mosquito eggs will surface due to the coffee grounds and hence will not receive sufficient oxygen to survive. This will effectively curb with breeding and ensure that your problem does not multiply in number.

Lavender Oil

Although camphor and coffee are impeccable home remedies for mosquitoes, they do not smell pleasant. It might be difficult to entertain friends and guests if your house smells of garlic and camphor. The best way to deal with mosquitoes while making sure the house smells great is to use lavender oil. the scent of lavender, despite being sweet, repels mosquitoes and hence it can spray around the house when mixed with water or even applied on your body to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. This is one of the best home remedies for mosquitoes.


Another strong odour that is one of the most trusted home remedies for mosquitoes is mint. The smell of mint is also known to drive mosquitoes away. You can always use this to your advantage. Take fresh mint or mint oil, which is easily available in grocery stores, and placing it in different corners of your house. You can even grow fresh mint plants in your garden to ensure mosquitoes don’t enter the house.

Home Remedies for Mosquitoes

Beer and Alcohol

This is one of the lesser known home remedies for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can not stand the smell of alcohol and usually do not enter places that have this distinctive smell. This is a great way to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your house by simply placing an open glass of alcohol or beer in the room. You probably have some beer lying around the house anyway.

Dry Ice

This seems to be one of the trickier home remedies for mosquitoes as it is not as easily available as the other solutions suggested above. However, dry ice happens to be as effective as any other remedy to ward of mosquitoes and keep your home clean and hygienic. You can place dry ice in a container or a trap and it will eventually attract mosquitoes as it releases carbon dioxide. The insects will then get trapped inside and die.

It is important to ensure that you handle dry ice very carefully as exposure to dry ice can freeze the skin.

Basil Leaves

Another way to get rid of the pesky mosquitoes in your house is to use the scent that is given by basil leaves. You can use basil leaves in any place including the kitchen and the pantry as it will not harm your food products as well, making it one of the safest home remedies for mosquitoes.

You can even make a spray tat contains the smell of basil, by boiling some fresh basil leaves in water. then pour this solution into a spray can and spray all over your house.

Pinion Wood

Pinion wood is used in outdoor fireplaces and is commonly available in stores. You can use this wood in your house or apartment to repel mosquitoes. This is a great way to tackle the issue as it does not spoil or rot easily and can be left in the same place without having to be replaced. This is one of the home remedies for mosquitoes that does not require manual oversight and maintenance.

With these home remedies for mosquitoes you can easily tackle the infestation without having to use chemical sprays that may harm your pets and plants as well. Go ahead and try them today!



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