How To Lose Face Fat Easily

By Shakeeta Winfrey January 11, 2019 in Fitness

You have just noticed your double chin and chubby cheeks in the mirror and worried about how to reduce that fat from your face. Obviously, you would like to get rid of that extra fat as soon as possible. So, you will be looking for easy and fastest ways of how to reduce face fat naturally or with medications.

Face fat is something that concerns most women, even many health-conscious men as well.

Losing face fat is a challenge in itself when you have gained a lot of weight and want to get rid of those chubby cheeks and double chin as early as possible.

Lose Face Fat

Particularly, reducing a face fat is somewhat a frustrating problem to solve, that may require efforts and determination to slim down your face.

Frankly speaking, it is impossible to reduce fat from one area of the body, so whatever methods you use, they will impact more than one part. If you combine a few things in your daily routine, you can achieve slimmer face with great ease without bringing adverse effect on your body.

To get a slimmer face, you can do yoga, can use home remedies, can eat a balanced diet, and can drink plenty of water and can use several other ways for burning fat on your face.

These practical tips will help you to learn how to reduce face fat naturally using different ways.

Facial exercises

You must know that facial exercises are considered the most effective way to get a slim face naturally. We have about 43 facial muscles which all required to be toned to reduce fat on your face. The exercises designed specifically to burn the fat on the face helps in improving facial appearance, in reducing aging signs and in strengthening facial muscles.

When anyone discusses how to reduce face fat naturally, adding facial exercises on the regular routine is the best idea among other methods.

Facial exercises

The study also shows that performing such exercises on the regular basis for at least 8-10 weeks works greatly in increasing muscle thickness and in improving facial rejuvenation.

Yoga is something which is preferred by most of the people whether they want to get relief from pain, to burn fat or to improve their body strength. When you search for how to reduce face fat by yoga, you will find a number of asanas to tone your facial muscles. For best results, it is advised to practice a few of them daily in the morning and get a slim face.

XO Exercise, Hippo’s Jaws, Fish Face, Chin lift, Blowing air, Cheek Puff exercise, Cheek lift are some of the effective exercises which are recommended to make your face look slimmer.


As we have already mentioned that it is not possible to lose fat from a particular part of the body, you have to work overall to get a slimmer face.

Apart from the facial exercises, you have to do workout to lose weight from all over the body. If you have excess body fat, your face will also look puffy with a double chin.

If you are not serious about workout ever before, now you can start with light exercising along with doing yoga each morning. You can do walking and jogging, and when you will be comfortable with this changed routine, start running. To make this step more enjoyable, you can also join a gym and dance classes as well.


You can also take help of your doctor or fitness expert to know the extent of exercise you can perform daily. Make sure to inform him/her about your health conditions as well.

Here we have talked about how doing exercises can benefit your goal of losing face fat. But, what if you are still not serious about eating the right food? Exercising alone cannot do anything if you are not on the proper diet plan.

Eat healthy

The main purpose of making a diet plan is to have control on your daily diet intake. Eating the right food at the right time and in the right quantity plays a great role in losing your overall weight. Here, calories intake is something we cannot ignore.

Some people lower their calorie intake just because they want to lose those extra pounds as early as they can. But, the fact is that the sudden decrease in calories consumption will take your body to the starvation mode. As a result, the body stores your food as fat and makes your body overweight. So, it is better to take an adequate amount of calories instead of ignoring it completely.

Eat healthy

It is recommended to include foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and proteins in your diet. Always keep in mind that as nutrients are important for the healthy body, carbohydrates and fats are also important to maintain the balance, but be sure to consume them in the right quantity.

Preparing low-calorie and nutrient-rich recipes are one of the best answers for how to reduce face fat home remedies. You do not need to sacrifice your taste buds when you have a number of healthy options.

Avoid Alcohol

There is no use of following the above-mentioned tips for reducing face fat if you are in a habit of excess alcohol consumption. Intake of alcohol means an invitation to gain the weight back, including fat gain on the face.

There is no harm in drinking little wine with dinner or at the party, but an excess of anything is always harmful. When we have a goal of losing weight, it is strictly ‘No’ to over boarding with your alcohol intake. The results can easily be noticed on the increased facial fat and bloating.

Limiting the alcohol consumption has the biggest contribution in a solution for how to reduce face fat for men.

Avoid Alcohol

Also, being high in calories and low in nutrients, to some extent, it is directly connected with the reasons for gaining weight. So, control your drinking habit and be determined to achieve weight loss success.

Drinking enough water

Drinking a lot of water helps in enhancing overall health, especially when we are looking for losing facial fat.

The study shows that drinking water keeps you fuller and works effectively in weight loss. It has been also found that when you drink water with breakfast, the intake of calorie decreases and hence increases the metabolism for the moment.

The more you burn the number of calories with the time, more you reach close to your goal of losing weight.

Drinking enough water

Additionally, when you stay hydrated, fluid retention decreases which result in preventing bloating and puffiness in your face.

You can also include fruit-infused water to make this routine more exciting.


Applying makeup on the face either to look beautiful or to hide that chubbiness on your face gives beneficial results to women looking for how to reduce face fat naturally.

It is really a fun way to make your face look slimmer using different beauty products in the right manner. In order to create that illusion of slimmer face, you need to keep few points in mind:

  • Use light foundation to avoid leaving your makeup to look cakey.
  • Always use a foundation with a darker shade to make your nose look thinner.
  • If you are using concealer, make sure to apply it on your T-zone and below your eyes to hide dark circles.
  • You should use a highlighter on T-zone, but keep it lighter than other areas of the face as it will help in creating the illusion of a slimmer face.
  • Use eyeliner on the upper lid by striking it to the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Always use a darker shade of lip liner and then apply lipstick or lip gloss.

Haircuts or Hairstyles

Now, most of you might be thinking of how a haircut can help in reducing face fat. Like applying appropriate makeup, you can make your face look slimmer with the perfect haircut or hairstyle, which takes most of the attention from your face.

  • Bob haircut looks perfect on the face with chubby cheeks. It brings more attention to the jaws and neck than your cheeks, thus your face will not look heavy.
  • Fringes around the face are another smart way to hide the chubby cheeks and to make your neck look longer.
  • If you have long hair and want to tie them in a ponytail or in a bun, be sure to get some hair strands to fall on both sides on your face. It will help in hiding the wide face.
  • You can even highlight your hair so that others will get attracted to your stylish hair and skip the attention from your face.
  • If you are styling your hair, always keep in mind to avoid mid parting as it brings direct attention to the chubby cheeks. So, always do side parting to make your face look longer and slimmer.

How to reduce face fat for men

If you are looking for the different ways of how to reduce face fat for men, you will not find much difference in the tips to follow for getting a slimmer face.

Both can follow a similar routine of exercising and consuming healthy food with low calories. The only difference is applying makeup, which men cannot do. This we think need not mention here, as you can easily understand.

How to reduce face fat for men

Both men and women can also use the given home remedies along with combining the given different tips to lessen their fat level.

Home remedies for losing face fat

If you want to know about home remedies to reduce face fat, you will be amazed to find the number of miracle food items that just need to be included in your daily diet for the desired results. Such kinds of foods are something that can help excellently in burning fat.


It has highly effective anti-inflammatory properties that bring great effect on the fat cells. In a recent study, it has been proved that people who consume turmeric in their daily diet have less body fat as compared to others with less turmeric consumption.


You can sprinkle some turmeric powder in your recipes, such as salads, sandwich, fresh juices etc.


Tomato is considered an effective remedy to burn fat easily. It also helps in controlling blood sugar.

No worries if you do not have enough time to do exercise, three glasses of tomato juice in a day can burn the fat. But still, try to get some time for exercise for better results.


Always try to make tomato juice at home as most of the juices available in the market contain salt. So, to avoid water retention, bring tomatoes at home and prepare juice using a blender.


Avocado has monounsaturated fat that helps in fat burning, which makes it a perfect food for weight loss. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that play a great role in managing a healthy weight.

You can consume oil containing avocado to lower your belly fat.

Adding the slices of avocado to the salads and smoothies are a great idea to increase its consumption.


Green tea

Green tea is considered as the healthiest beverage for weight loss, so is highly recommended instead of having coffee as the burning fat remedy.

It is highly powerful to burn more calories and brings stronger effect when exercising and green tea both go parallel.

Simply drink 2 cups of green tea in a day. To get cold green tea in the summer, keep your cup in the fridge and enjoy an iced fat burning drink.

Green tea

Brazil nuts

We know many of you might love Brazil nuts so much that you can even eat truckload without getting tired. They are healthier, boost metabolism and works wonderfully for weight loss.

Packed with minerals and nutrients, these nuts are very important for women to enhance their reproductive health.

Consume 4-5 Brazil nuts per day, which is enough for the results. You can sprinkle them in the salads, smoothies, and juices.

Brazil nuts


Losing face fat completely depends on the volume of fat in your body, the dedicated timeframe to achieve the weight loss goals and your personal preferences.

We did our work to guide you with helpful and easy-to-follow tips for how to get rid of face fat naturally. Now, it’s your turn to show your efforts and dedication to lose that extra fat on your face.

For best results, make sure not to ignore the benefits of a balanced diet and regular exercise to optimize the overall health.

Lose face fat and rock a selfie.

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