Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety Disorder Treatment

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In this busy life where at each step you have to face competition in one or another way, dealing with stress and anxiety is common among people. Anxiety is one of the common mental health issues that has even overtaken depression and can create a mess in your day-to-day life.

Some of you might have confusion about what exactly anxiety means, how you can discover it and how you can treat it.

We will help you in this regard.

Have you ever find yourself being triggered by minor actions or situations?


Do you often feel a sense of dread or fear, but you are not sure about the reason behind it?

If your answers for both questions is ‘Yes’, it means you have an anxiety disorder.

Remedies for Anxiety Disorder Treatment

In most of the cases, people are unaware of what they are dealing with, while some take this condition not seriously and go on with their daily struggle. Unchecked anxiety may bring bad impact on the quality of your life. So, it is better to consult a doctor if you ever find that something is not going good with you.

Another issue that people may face is the side-effects of the prescribed anti-anxiety medications. In those situations, natural remedies for anxiety work effectively in making better mental balance without any side effect.

In this article, we will discuss some natural remedies which will help you to treat your anxiety in a natural way.


Exercising regularly is not only good for physical health, but for mental health as well. If you do exercise on a regular basis, you feel better about yourself by burning off anxious energy. The benefits of exercise on your emotional health make it a powerful antidote to treat anxiety for the long term.

Some researchers believe that when you exercise, your body heat gets increased, which is a natural phenomenon of doing a workout, which in turn may change the neural circuits controlling cognitive function and your mood as well. As a result of it, you will feel a great positive improvement in your mind, you will more relax every time you do exercise and will observe great ease from the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

The best way to reduce anxiety is to wake up early in the morning and do exercise for at least 30 minutes in a peaceful environment.


When you are dealing with anxiety, you may face fast breathing, fast heart rate, and dizziness, and even panic attack in severe cases. To overcome these conditions and to feel relax, deep breathing exercises are highly recommended to people with anxiety.


Even when you search for different methods for how to treat anxiety disorder, you will find ‘deep breathing’ as the best natural remedy to reduce anxiety. There is nothing to explain when you restore normal breathing pattern with the process of taking slow and deep breaths. You will feel yourself relax and stress-free to great extent.

You can do yoga breathing exercises and asana for better results. Simply, by performing the breathing exercises twice a day, your stress and anxiety will get lowered to a great level.


Do you know why people do meditation? What role does meditation play in your healthy life? The main aim of meditation is to make you get rid of negative, stressful and messy thoughts from your mind, where these thoughts are replaced by a sense of calm and mindfulness of the existing moment.

Meditation is considered as one of the highly effective natural remedies for anxiety, that also helps in lowering blood pressure and in making you feel more positive. It acts as an antidepressant where you will start loving yourself and will take each minute of a day in a positive way.

If you do meditation every day for at least a few minutes, your brain circuitry and mental clarity will get changed so much that you will yourself learn the way to cope with stress and anxiety.

Drink Chamomile tea

Have you ever heard that drinking chamomile tea can help you in calming frayed nerves and in sleeping as well? Chamomile is actually a natural herb which works effectively in reducing anxiety. It is one of highly recommended home remedies for anxiety which is completely safe to consume.

Chamomile contains two chemicals – apigenin and luteolin, they both work on promoting relaxation and give relief to your mind. The recent study has also proved that people taking chamomile supplements have a greater reduction in their anxiety level as compared to those who have chosen some other supplements to treat their anxiety disorder.

Drink Chamomile tea
Drinking one or two cups of chamomile tea each day is a great remedy to work against the symptoms of anxiety disorder. So, if you ever notice the symptoms of depression and anxiety, start drinking chamomile tea from the same day and calm your distressed nerves. You will surely be amazed at the outcome.


Do you know that fragrant essential oils can also ease your stress and anxiety? Yes, it is true.

Aromatherapy is also another remedy that promotes health and well-being by using a variety of smelling soothing plant oils. The studies show that aromatherapy helps in relaxing, in sleeping better, in boosting mood, and in reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

As different plant oils have a different fragrance, where some kinds of fragrance work better for some people than others. So, to get the suitable plant oil, it is better to experiment with various options and finds the one which you feel works amazingly to calm you. Several people with insomnia take help of aromatherapy to treat their sleep issues in the long term.

You can use these fragrant plant oils in different ways, like inhaled directly, adding few drops to your bathtub or sprayed it in your room.

Give yourself credit

If ever you feel like that you are becoming a victim of anxiety or you are getting anxious thoughts, no need to worry at all. Instead, you should keep yourself calm and congratulate yourself that you are aware of your emotional condition and accepting what you are going through. There is nothing to worry if you know you are dealing with anxiety and depression, no matter what reasons have taken you to this emotional state.

You must know that awareness is the first step to treat anxiety, so it is good to give yourself credit for your awareness about the anxiety thoughts you are having. When you feel aware of it, you will surely respond to do something to get out of this situation. As a result, you will automatically jump to the next steps to ease yourself from anxiety, such as positive self-talk, consult a doctor about how to manage anxiety, follow relaxation strategies etc.

No smoking

You might have seen that people when in distressed situations often reach for a cigarette. In some cases, their cigarette consumption reaches to a level where they take 20-30 cigarettes in a day.

Instead of giving relief to your stressed mind, taking a drag on a cigarette may worsen the situation and take your anxiety disorder to a level where it becomes very difficult to treat. Because nicotine and other chemicals present in the cigarette is the path which is linked directly to anxiety.

The research has also stated that more prior you start smoking in life, the more risk you develop for an anxiety disorder later in your life. It means, more cigarettes, more prone to anxiety disorder. So, whenever you are distressed, never take help of cigarette to ease that stress, instead, it will worsen your condition over time.

Cedarwood oil

We have read somewhere that rubbing a few drops of essential oils such as cedarwood oil on the bottom of your feet and at the back of your ears is one of the effective home remedies for anxiety. You can apply the essential oil any time in a day, but right before going to bed is recommended to have a peaceful sleep.

The warm, woody and familiar scent of this essential oil gives you a new sense of calm. Every day you wake up in the morning, you will feel completely well-rested and less anxious than the previous day. When you get a proper amount of sleep, you will feel yourself safe and fearless of anything.

Take a healthy diet

As you all know that taking a healthy and balanced diet plays a great role in protecting you from a number of minor to major diseases. But what if you take processed foods, have you ever imagined the results of consuming processed or junk foods?

Here, you will get the answer of how to treat anxiety disorder with a healthy diet.

Caffeine, high-sugar diet and processed foods are the worse choices, as they trigger anxiety. The artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives and other chemicals used in processed foods may cause mood changes and impact temperament. If ever you feel like your anxiety increases after taking your meal or eating anything, make sure to check your eating habits.

To avoid worsen your anxiety disorder; you must avoid processed foods and high-sugar diet as much as possible. It is advised to drink enough water to stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Eat more whole foods and try to include them more in your daily diet.

You can also take lean proteins such as fish, beans, and eggs that provide essential nutrients to your body and brain that helps in keeping your energy levels constant.

No Caffeine

Taking caffeine when you are anxious is not a good idea at all; instead, it may cause more nerviness and jitters. The study has also shown that caffeine may cause or deteriorate your anxiety disorder. If taken in a high level, it may also lead to a panic attack in some people.

No doubt, caffeine can boost your energy, but at the same time, it may trigger your anxiety level. So, if you are dealing with anxiety, simply ditch your daily caffeine consumption, which may improve your anxiety symptoms.

You can try to drink less caffeine or can choose other healthy option, such as green tea.

Kava root

Kava root is also counted in the list of effective home remedies for anxiety. It is highly known as a remedy to ease the symptoms of anxiety with the compounds present in it.

It may cause some minor side-effects on some people, but not all those who use kava root treatment to reduce the anxiety. These symptoms may include headache, drowsiness, diarrhea, and dizziness.

If you are already taking anti-anxiety medications, it is advised to consult your doctor before considering kava root as an additional remedy to treat anxiety disorder. It is so because kava root can interrelate with certain medicines, and it is better to ask an expert if you are looking for taking both remedies at the same time.


If you are struggling to find how to manage anxiety using the natural remedies, hopefully, this article will help you in controlling your moods.

You cannot be ever happy if you are stuck to a situation which you do not know how to deal with as well as how to get out of it. If untreated, it may worsen the situation.

Taking supplements for any kind of mental health issue is not the only solution for the long term. So, if you know you have an anxiety disorder, simply prepare yourself and take help of these natural remedies for anxiety to feel yourself better from inside.

You may also try the combinations of these remedies and therapies if your anxiety has increased greatly. You can also consult your doctor about your concerns.

With the right remedies at the right time, you will feel everything in life much easier than before.

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