Cool Prom Hairstyles To Try This Year

By Emily Turner May 24, 2019 in Hair Style

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of every girl when she gets a chance to look gorgeous by picking the beautiful prom dress.

At the same time, they go through countless tutorials for that perfect makeup to complement their overall personality. But still, they are undecided about the hairstyle that can break or make an impressive look.

After deciding the dress and makeup, the one thing that must not be taken lightly is your prom hairstyle.

Many of the girls prefer to get their hair done from Prom hairstyles for this momentous occasion. But why to give money to someone else when you can do it yourself or with the help of your mother or friend right at your home?

prom hairstyles

Just check these cool and stunning prom hair cuts for different hair types and can be done in no time at all.

Teased half up

This hairstyle gives you an easy way to manage your hair quickly for your prom. You need to take any kind of help when choosing for the teased half up hairdo.

Simply take the top section of your hair, i.e. from the back of your ears to upwards and comb them using a teasing brush to give that messy look to your hair.

While brushing your hair, tie them at the back of your head but little up using any fancy pin or sparkly clip.

Teased half up hairstyles

Now, curl the rest of the hair at the bottom using a curling iron, which can easily be found in the wardrobe of all girls these days.

Keep some section of hair on your shoulders while keeping others at the back. It can be one of the easiest hair cut style for thin hair with medium length.

Curly twisted

For all those girls with curly hair, this hairstyle is for you. Instead of struggling to turn your curls into straight hair, you should adopt the one from the number of Prom Hairstyles for curly hair, and embrace what God has gifted you.

You do not require using an accessory to enhance the volume of your hair as you are already blessed with gorgeous natural volume. Whatever hairstyle you choose, it requires minimal effort to give that romantic look.

Curly twisted

Twisting layers of your hair and crossing them from the top of your beautiful hair is something that goes perfectly on short as well as long curly hair.

Make sure to use bobby pins to keep the twists at their place. Now what to do with the rest of the hair at the back? Nothing can be compared with a low bun as well as the perfect hair accessory at one side of the bun if you want.

Messy side bun

Going for a prom? Then you need a royal hairstyle with a classy look. If you want to add a soft and romantic feel to your overall look, you must try Messy side bun.

It will go perfectly with any prom dress and will surely give you a title of ‘Queen of the Prom Court’.

Take a curling iron and curl the lower half of your hair and open them by gently brushing your curls. Now, take all your hair at one side and tie them in a loose side ponytail.

When it is the last twist of the hair elastic, take all your hair in a loop while creating a loose bun. Now, tie the loose ends of your hair around the bun using bobby pins. To secure the bun, pin it to your head for the final look.

Ponytail with loose bangs

Are you confused about what to try from a huge list of various patterns of hair styles for thin hair? Here is a simple and easy hairdo that takes just a few minutes for the perfect look.

If you are looking for something that makes you enjoy your prom like a breeze without any need of handling loose hair while dancing, you must go for a bouncy ponytail with loose bangs.

Ponytail with loose bangs

Take all of your hair at the crown of your head and tie them with hair elastic while leaving some bangs for a cool look.

Now, take a thin section from your ponytail and wrap them around the top to hide the hair elastic and to add style to your hairdo. Secure the wrapped section with bobby pins. To have that wonderful look, you can part your bangs at one side.

Messy braid

Want something cool like bohemian-inspired prom style? If yes, then your look is incomplete without a lusciously messy braid. It is one of the ideal hair style pattern for thin hair that gives you a stunning look for a special night.

To have this look, gently brush your hair and take them at one side. Tie them with hair elastic to make a pony. Make two equal partitions and start braiding the inner section.

Messy braid

Once it is done, secure the end of this braid with an elastic band. Now, make 3 equal parts of unbraided section and weave them one by one through the existing braid. Use hairspray to make sure that all strands stay longer.

Textured messy updo

If you want to enhance the beauty of your naturally curly hair, you can never go wrong with this textured messy hairdo.

It’s always a win by choosing this classy style as one of the perfect Prom Hairstyles for curly hair. This hairstyle does not have any specific steps, as it can easily be done giving messy look by shaping your hair freely with hands.

You can tie them in any shape while making a bun. Make sure to secure the hairdo with pins. It will go wonderful throughout an eventful night.

Textured messy updo


Well, here you have some gorgeous patterns hair styles for Long Hair for thin hair, curly hair, etc.

You can have fun with your hairstyle by putting your own ideas and customize any hairdo in your own way. But, make sure, it complements your dress, makeup, and style.

Go with easy to do hairdo and become the Queen of the prom.

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