Sex and Diabetes - How to Deal with Common Problems

By Linda Mondry January 27, 2019 in Healthy Life

Both men and women, living with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, may experience problems in their sex life. If you cannot satisfy yourself or your partner due to certain health issues, the chances of feeling anxious, frustrated and depressed increases to the great extent.

Type 2 diabetes takes your life to a situation where you have to face up and down in your health. The days may not be easy with this condition as it may further lead to several other health problems.

It has been also found that more than 50% of men with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction (ED), whereas, on the other hand, more than 70% of women with diabetes show concern about their sex life. This percentage may increase if they are dealing with depression as well.

Don’t be scared if you are experiencing an unexpected change in your life every day. Here, we will help you to learn how high blood sugar level or diabetes affects your sexual life. How Type 2 diabetes and your sexuality are interrelated?

We can also say that medications are one of the main cause of affecting your libido and trouble performing sexually.

As you take medicines and other precautions to manage diabetes; similarly healthy sex life is the key to improve the quality of your life. In both cases, diabetes and sex are related to each other to live a healthy and happy life with your partner.

If you are experiencing sexual challenges along with diabetes, you are at the right place where you will get the detailed information about the actual cause of this condition and how you can make sex life better with diabetes.

Let’s start finding the solution for what you are going through.

How does diabetes affect your sex life?

How does diabetes affect your sex life

As we have shared above that both men and women with diabetes may face lots of sexual challenges i.e. from ED (erectile dysfunction) to lack of desire, here we have come up with various obstacles that always keep you from achieving a satisfying sex life.

There can be several reasons for unsatisfied sex life as a result of being diabetes’ patient.

Low blood flow and nerve damage

It does not mean that diabetes is the only reason behind your lack of sexual desire or other sexual issues; it means that if you have diabetes, the chances of affecting your sex life increases.

Also, on another side, if you have not diagnosed with diabetes, sexual symptoms may be the sign of your diabetic condition.

When high blood sugar level is not managed as required, diabetes can lead to damage to the blood vessels and nerve throughout the body, including your sexual organs.

Low blood flow and nerve damage

If a man or woman is experiencing high blood sugar level for years, the nerve and blood vessels damage can injure vital organs as well. The genitals of men are more susceptible to affect as compared to genitals of women.

As an outcome, you may experience numbness, pain, discomfort or lack of feeling in genitals, which in turn results to low sex drive.

The decrease in blood flow in men can make them less excited and affects erections, which may further lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

The decrease in blood flow in women may result in vaginal dryness, difficulty in arousal, pain during sex, and lack of sex drive.

People with type 2 diabetes are at high risk of additional health issues, where they cannot avoid or prevent being affected their sex life. In other words, we can say that Type 2 Diabetes and Your Sexuality issues go hand in hand when your diabetes is not treated well.


The risk of infections increases when your immune system gets weak as a result of high blood sugar level in a body. The most common infection among women is yeast vaginal infection that causes irritation, itchiness, discharge and even burning sensation during intercourse and urination.


The women with Type 2 diabetes are more prone to this type of infection, which can also be taken as one of the diabetic sexually side effects. It is so because high blood sugar can boost the growth of yeast, even a small spike in your blood sugar level can upsurge the risk of yeast infection.

If you are experiencing unsatisfied sex life as a consequence of diabetes, it is better to manage blood sugar level in your body by taking proper care of your health.

You can consult a doctor to get back the safe blood sugar level and treat a yeast infection with the prescribed medications.

Sexual challenges are curable

If you are frustrated with the side effects of diabetes on your sexual life, now you can enjoy your life in all the possible ways by treating your sexual challenges.

They can be cured in a number of ways, where consulting a doctor specializes in sexual health comes first.

Sexual challenges are curable

A healthier lifestyle is another important thing to be considered to get a better quality of life by increasing the possibility of sexual satisfaction. If you are looking for the best way to manage your Type 2 Diabetes and Your Sexuality challenges, a healthier lifestyle is something which you must not ignore in any way.

Being active all through the day, eat healthily, do exercise/workout and weight loss are a few steps to follow a healthy lifestyle, which is directly associated with improving diabetes signs. When these steps will work on managing blood sugar levels, you will automatically observe a positive change in your body.

They not only made your diabetes symptoms manageable but improve your sexual desire as well.

Those sexual challenges which usually left you fatigued, disinterested and dissatisfied with what went in your life have now been treated.

You will surely cherish the day when you feel a great improvement in your sexual life.

Tips for Better Sex with Diabetes

Here, we will discuss a few tips that will help you to overcome the hurdles that have brought adverse impact on your sex life.

Now, you do not need to feel like an unwanted party in the bed. The given tips for better sex with diabetes are something which will enable you to plan ahead to deal with some challenges. One thing that you must always keep in mind is that despite following these tips you must take proper care of your diabetes as well, as the essential preventive measures recommended by your doctor.

Tips for Better Sex with Diabetes

This is what is taken as the best and effective way to prevent or limit sexual issues with diabetes.

Let’s start with these tips and make sexual life easier and more fun.

Use lubricant

If you are a woman experiencing vaginal dryness as a result of diabetes, you are recommended to use silicon-based lubricants to make sex feel better. Such lubricants are highly preferred by the diabetic women because the water-based lubricants can absorb easily and break down vaginal tissue due to a high level of dryness.

Many water-based lubes also include sugar, which may work adversely in managing the blood sugar. So, always use lubricant with zero sugar.

Control emotional issues

We have also discussed above, that people with depression, anxiety, and other emotional concerns are more likely to be affected their sex life. No doubt, your health conditions can be the reasons for these emotional issues, but you need to find the solution to your problems.

Sex issues can also put stress on your relationship, which in turn may worsen your situation. These diabetic sexually side effects can be discussed with a doctor, who will recommend the appropriate treatments for your specific sexual concerns.

Be sure to manage your blood sugar to control your emotional issues.

Relax and take health issues easily

Diabetes is a health condition that cannot be cured but can be managed by taking the prescribed medications at the right time and by taking proper care of your health. If you feel that your diabetes is becoming a hurdle in your sex life, simply relax and take it easy.

Never take your health issues as the burden that you have to load hardheartedly throughout life. The confidence, relaxation, and comfortability are something that can convey a message to your body, that you are ready to face anything open-heartedly.

Feeling low just because you are a diabetic may enable you to learn how does diabetes affect your sex life.

Wear CGM

Recent studies stated that wearing CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) is like a boon for people with diabetes that work effectively in making them capable to enjoy their sex life.

This device helps in monitoring your blood sugar level and enables you to aware of your existing blood sugar. Keeping a close check on your blood sugar will help you to avoid blood vessel and nerve damage, and hence improves the sex drive.

Improve libido

You can explore a range of prescription options to increase libido. Emotional health is something which is directly linked to libido, especially depression, which is the main root of diabetic sexually side effects. In this case, antidepressants can be used to activate your mind.

If you have no solution of improving libido, it is better to talk to your doctor to address your inhibited sexual desires.

Eat rightly

Eating rightly is a solution to get back the mood you were experiencing before diagnosed with diabetes. It is one of the powerful tips for better sex with diabetes that can bring a positive impact on your sexual life.

Foods rich in zinc are highly helpful for diabetic men and women, especially for men. It works as a libido-enhancer by producing testosterone. The good sources of zinc are oysters, red meat, crabs and cashews.

Also, it is recommended to consume healthy food with no or low sugar level, if you are Type 2 diabetic.

Be more active

Being inactive or not getting enough exercise can also contribute to Type 2 Diabetes and Your Sexuality challenges. If you do not follow your diabetes exercise routine, you are more prone to added side-effects of your health conditions.

You cannot miss exercise if you want to maintain blood sugar without depending on medications. Even all doctors also recommend diabetics to get lots of exercises to increase blood flow to all body areas, improve flexibility and stamina. Obviously, if you do not feel good or active, you cannot involve yourself actively with your partner.

Additionally, exercise helps in improving your energy level and mood.

Sleep Adequately

Getting enough sleep plays a great role in controlling blood sugar. Most of the people with busy and hectic schedule do not get much time to enjoy deep sleep, while for diabetics, it is very important to get adequate sleep.

As sleep plays an important role in controlling blood sugar, so getting less than 6 hours of sleep in a night can increase blood sugar level. If you are one of them with trouble sleeping, you are more likely to suffer blood sugar elevation.

So, a piece of advice to all diabetics – gives time to yourself, relax and have the sleep of 6-8 hours to improve the sex drive.


If you have learned the techniques of controlling blood sugar, it means you are prepared to fight against any kind of side-effects caused as a result of diabetes.

In simple words, we can say that if you learn how to deal with the symptoms affecting your sex life, you can bring great change to boost your sexual satisfaction.

Also, if you think that Type 2 diabetes is making your sexual activities more challenging, this article will definitely help you to find the solution to get back the sexual expression. The issues related to Type 2 Diabetes and your Sexuality will be resolved extensively when you follow the tips for better sex with diabetes.

You are not alone in this world facing such kind of issues. So, be open and never hesitate to get support and advice from a counselor or doctor specializes in diabetes. You can also contact experts to help with sexual problems.

Always keep in mind, Gaining good diabetes health means gaining a good sex life.

Be determined to manage your diabetes well and never let diabetes to hijack your sex life.

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