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10 Best Short Curly Hairstyles

By Emily Turner September 25, 2019 in Hair Style

Curly hair has a natural tendency to be more difficult to manage. Curly hair is more difficult to maintain, more frizzy and needs more styling and nourishment.

This is the reason why it is a smart idea to maintain short hair. If you cut your locks off, there is less length to maintain and groom every day. For these reasons, many women with curly hair might prefer a short haircut.

Short and curly hair may seem to limit how you can style them, but short strands are easy to style, they are versatile and look gorgeous once they are groomed.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

1. Pixie Cut

Pixie cut may seem to limit too many, but it can be styled in various ways. You can add volume to your hair by playing with the length of your pixie cut.

It is possible to maintain longer locks at the top of your head and have the length taper down towards the side. This will allow you to brush your curls to the side and add a glam factor to the look.

You can even maintain the same length and straightforward curls to replicate the signature Hailey Berry pixie cut.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

2. Short Afro

Small and tight ringlets look gorgeous when letting loose and hence an afro is a great way to show off your curls.

A tapering effect gives allows you to style the hairdo and make it look more voluminous. Alongside bangs with a tapered nape make a gorgeous retro look that is easy to pull off and goes with everything.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

3. Shoulder Length

This is the right length for curly hair.it is the most convenient and easy to manage hairdo for anyone with curly hair. You can opt to add some jazz to this hairdo by styling it with bangs.

These add a contemporary look to an otherwise simple hairstyle. They can be tied up when you need to and can be styled in multiple ways.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

4. Short Wavy Lob

To give your face a fresh and youthful feel, you can cut your hair into a short lob that makes them look more cheerful. To style them further you can add blunt ends or bangs.

Lobs tend to make thin hair appear thicker as well. This means it will help add volume to your locks. You can accessories this look with pins and bows to add some jazz to your look.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

5. Vintage Curls

Vintage curls have their charm. They’ve been rocked by many celebrities such as Marlyn Monroe, who have made this look appear classic and made it an iconic look.

This is one of the best short curly hairstyles as it is a timeless hairstyle.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

6. Lose Buns

Curly hair looks best when styled with simplicity. The texture of the hair adds to the hairstyle and makes ordinary styles look unique.

You can tie your medium length curly hair into a soft, loose bun. It is also possible to experiment with this style to make sure you can switch up your look regularly.

You can tie a loose bun with half your hair and leave the rest of your locks loose to fall on your shoulders.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

7. Crown Braid

To manage a crown braid with straight hair is as difficult as it is, curly hair is even more tedious. But the effects of wearing this hairstyle can be seen very clearly.

Hair with grip will be easiest to style when you have untangled soft curls. The best way to try this hairstyle is to do it on second-day locks.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

8. Sweeping Side Bangs

On a small, delicate face or even a round face, bangs can appear extremely heavy and cover up too much of your face. The best way to style short curly hair when you have a smaller face structure is to have side bangs.

Side bangs make the face look lighter, draw attention to face cut and they give your hair a contemporary look. This is why it is one of the best short curly hairstyles.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

9. Temple Shave

If you are a woman who prefers to look edgy and make sure to stand out in the crowd, a temple shave is the best way to go.

You can spice up your hairdo with a contemporary twist to a simple hairstyle by adding a temple shave to it. For curly hair, it adds a unique element that compliments the texture of your hair very well.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

10. Curly Bob with Bangs

If you are a lazy person and tend not to have extra time to blow dry your hair and apply several products to it, bob is the best way to go.

It is the easiest to maintain and one of the best short curly hairstyles. You can let your hair appear a little messy and don’t need to spend a lot of time putting them into place.

Rock some short bangs with it and you’re good to go. This is the best short curly hairstyle that you will come across.

Best Short Curly Hairstyles

For a long time, women with naturally curly hair have been hiding the natural texture of their hair. They have been led to believe that curly hair is difficult to manage and to style or that curly hair limits the number of ways in which you can wear it.

But these hairstyles will prove you wrong. Go ahead and try these best short curly hairstyles today to make a huge difference in the way you look.

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