Some Effective Balance Exercises Physical Therapy You Must Work On

By Cristie Martyn April 9, 2021 in Fitness

Have you ever experienced that you lost your balance when you turned your head to answer someone? Have you ever felt unbalanced when you turn quickly while walking? Do you find it difficult to balance when you bend over to pick an object from the floor?

If you are one who has ever experienced any such situation or dealing with them currently, it means there is something to need to consider.

When you deal with unbalancing situations, balance physical therapy can help greatly in improving your balance.

Some people take the help of a physical therapist to improve their balance with specific exercises, while some prefer to do balance exercises physical therapy at home.

Table of Contents

  • Factors That Affect Balance
  • How Can Balance Physical Therapy Help?
  • Some Effective Balance Exercises

Factors That Affect Balance

If we talk about taking the help of a physical therapist to improve your balance, it ensures that now you are going to maintain safe functional mobility.

Balance Exercises Physical Therapy

There are several people who prefer undergoing balance physical exercises.  Some of the common factors that can affect your balance include:

  • Less sensation in feet or lower legs
  • Weakness in your legs
  • Vision problem
  • Medications
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Various other medical conditions, like stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, diabetes, low blood pressure, etc.

If you are engaged in physical therapy for balance exercises, you will be benefited in various ways.

But, at the same time, you must know what kind of people prefer balance exercises.

These include seniors with limited functional mobility, people with neurological conditions, people who have had surgery, etc.

When you first contact a physical therapist, he/she may evaluate your balance and will plan treatment including balance exercises physical therapy with the aim to improve your balance.

How Can Balance Physical Therapy Help?

Taking the help of a physical therapist to improve your balance means you will get a perfect treatment that will include active movement techniques and balance exercises.

Balance Exercises Physical Therapy

These include strengthening, stretching, visual tracking, as well as inner ear rehabilitation.

The physical therapist helps in treating your balance issues by identifying the actual causes and works on creating a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs.

Physical therapy for balance helps in various ways, such as:

  • Reduce the risk of falling by identifying the potential causes in your home, like ill-fitted footwear, poor lighting, and loose rugs.
  • Improve mobility by improving your confidence and coordination.
  • Improve your balance with effective exercises and progress then appropriately.
  • Improve your strength with exercises as per your needs, especially hip and truck muscles strengthening.
  • Improve flexibility with gentle stretching.

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Some Effective Balance Exercises Physical Therapy

It is recommended to perform balance exercises physical therapy under the guidance of an expert.

If you prefer a home exercise program, you must always check with your doctor before starting these exercises.

For safety measures, it is advised to position yourself near a table or countertop so that you can use it for support.

Standing March

Simply stand near sturdy support and start marching at one place slowly. You should perform this marching for 20-30 seconds.

Gradually, you can increase the pace and may also change the surface on which you are marching.

Standing 3-way kicks

In this balance physical therapy exercise, you need to stand on one leg and slowly raise your other leg in the outer direction. You have to keep your outer leg as straight as possible and then, return it to its place in the center.

Balance Exercises Physical Therapy

After this, again lift the same leg in the outer direction and keep it back down. Then, extend the same leg behind your body and get it back to the center.

You have to perform this exercise as many times as you can. You can remove the supporting surface once you gain confidence in doing this exercise without any support.


This is another balance physical therapy activity that can help in improving your balance.

For this, you have to face yourself towards a countertop or wall. You can put your hands on the counter or wall if you need support.

Now, put your one leg sideways in one direction by keeping your toes pointed straight. Continue until you reach the end of your counter or wall.

After this, return in the other direction. You can also use a resistance band at the knees or above the ankles.

1-leg stand

1-leg stand is another physical therapy for balance exercise. In this exercise, you have to stand on one leg as long as you can.

As you are dealing with unbalancing, so you are advised to stand near a sturdy support surface so that you can hold it if required.

Now, do the same with another leg and try to perform this exercise 3-5 times on each leg.

When you start improving your balance, you can do other tasks while doing this exercise, such as brushing your teeth, washing utensils. This way, you can incorporate this exercise into your daily routine.

Sit-stand and stand-sit

If you are sitting on a chair, then you must stand out of your chair without taking the support. If you find doing this difficult at first, you can choose to place a smooth pad on your chair seat as it will help in raising you up the chair.

Then, again get back to the seated position and slowly lower yourself to sit back on the chair. You can perform this balance physical therapy exercise as many times as you can.

The best way to enjoy this exercise is while watching TV.

Heel to toe standing or walking

In this exercise, you have to place one foot in front of another foot in a way that the heel of the front foot touches the toe of the rear foot.

You have to stand in the same position as long as you can or up to 30 seconds.

Balance Exercises Physical Therapy

When this exercise will become easier for you or you start improving your balance, try taking a few steps in the same format.

It is recommended to use something for support to avoid falling down.

Single Limb Stance

This is one of the simple balance exercises physical therapy that must be done to improve your balance.

For this, you have to stand behind the chair and make sure it should not have wheels. Hold on to the back of the chair.

Now, lift your one foot and try to balance your left foot. Try to hold this position for an as long time as you can. Then, repeat the same with another foot.

The main goal of this exercise is to make you capable of standing on one foot without any support and hold that position for up to one minute.

Rock the boat

In this exercise of physical therapy for balance, you have to stand with your feet apart in a way that they have the same width as your hips.

Make sure to stand with your head straight and press both feet into the ground firmly.

Now, start transferring your weight to one foot and slowly lift another leg off the ground. Try to hold this position for as long as you can or until up to 30 seconds.

After this, put your foot back on the ground slowly and repeat the same with another foot.

You can start doing this exercise 5-6 times per foot. Once you feel improvement in your balance, you can increase these repetitions.

Single limb stance with arm

This is another balance physical therapy exercise that helps in improving your physical coordination, especially for seniors.

In this exercise, you have to start with standing with your feet together and keep your arms at your side.

Now, start lifting your left hand over your head. After this, lift your left foot slowly off the ground.

You have to hold on to this position for 10-12 seconds. Then, repeat the same steps with your right foot and arm.

Balancing wand

Balancing wand

This exercise is performed while you are seated. For this, it is advised to take a cane or some kind of stick.

Hold the stick from one end in the way that it is flat on the palm of your hand. The goal of this balance physical therapy exercise is to keep the stick or cane straight for as long as you can.

Now, do the same using another hand so that you can improve the balance skills on both sides of the body.

Final Words

If you are new to these balance exercises physical therapy, it is recommended to use the table, chair back, or wall for support. Making these exercises part of your daily routine will help a lot in improving your balance.

If you experience pain and limited motion, the physical therapist can help you in assessing your balance and will prescribe effective balance exercises as part of your balance improvement program.

It is very important to work on fall-prevention efforts so that you can improve your mobility and boost confidence when you walk. This way, you will be able to enjoy your normal everyday activities.


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