Summer Makeup Looks Step By Step

By Jenny Wilson June 4, 2019 in Makeup Tips

No matter how much perfect makeup you have applied on your face, but if the weather is against you, it can spoil your pretty look within no time.

Especially in the summers, when your makeup gets melted, eyeliner gets smeared and lipstick/lipgloss gets too sticky.

In this season, you usually spend your day in sweat, which ends up leaving your makeup to smear or melting it off easily.

So, to avoid a mess, you must make some changes in your makeup routine with the change in the seasons. It will help in making your makeup look flawless throughout the day.

The change in routine gives you the best summer makeup looks to withstand the heat and humidity.

Summer Makeup Looks

Also, it is recommended to experiment with your makeup with vibrant and fresh colors. By adding vibrancy in the makeup helps in staying you look gorgeous even in the hot season.

Here, we have come up with the best summer beauty tips that will help you to keep your makeup looking fresh and perfect, no matter how much hot weather is outside.

Simply follow this makeup guide step by step and get the gorgeous look even in the summer.

Set a solid foundation

Always start makeup by cleansing your face with regular soap or a cleanser. It helps in making your makeup stay longer if you have a clean face.

Now, apply an oil-free moisturizer which works great in keeping your skin hydrated all day. You must know that healthier skin holds the makeup easier.

Make sure to get a moisturizer that suits your specific skin type. Additionally, you can also look for a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin when you go out in the summer.

Choosing a cooling primer not only helps in hydrating your face but also cools down your skin. When you sweat less, your makeup will go longer.

makeup foundation

Make sure to use liquid foundation instead of powdered foundation as it holds onto the skin much better under the heat. To avoid too much shine on your face due to heat, you must consider a matte finish.

It is advisable to apply a light layer of foundation and use it only to cover uneven skin tone, like blemishes and discoloration.

If you want to use concealer, only take a small amount and cover the areas which are not covered effectively with foundation.

Eyes Makeup

After setting the foundation on your face, now it’s time to apply makeup on your eyes. When going out in the summers, it is always recommended to use waterproof eye makeup.

The waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and primer can easily be available in different brands. If you do not want to run your eye makeup during warm days, you must stick to waterproof eye makeup products only.

Instead of eye cream before applying eye shadow, you must use an eye shadow primer to reduce the creasing over the eyelids. Also, it helps eye shadow to stick on your eye for longer, which is difficult to hold in the heat.

Eyes Makeup

Also, you must use less eye shadow in the summers and if you want, you can opt for a light layer of cream-based eye shadows as they tend to stay longer than powder varieties.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the eyeliner if you want to skip the eye shadow step.

Applying Lipstick

You must always use a lip liner before applying lipstick. It helps in giving an elegant look to your lips when your lipstick is applied in a neat way.

Also, it is good to use a lip balm before applying a lip liner, it will help in keeping your liner and lipstick more adhere to your lips.

In the summers, applying bold colors seems not a good idea at all as it may look heavier. So, it is better to use nude shades as it brings your natural lip color. You can also opt for invisible lip liner or lipstick to give a natural look to your lips.

Applying Lipstick

One of the best summer beauty tips regarding lips is that your lip liner and lipstick color should complement each other.

Applying glossy lipstick may give a shiny look to your face which should usually be avoided during the summers. So, go for a lipstick with a matte finish and labeled as ‘long lasting’ to stay on your lips despite the sweat.

Finishing Touches

Always try to create a natural look with bronzer; it is so because overboard bronzer with contour lines may end up displaying more in the sunlight.

So, to avoid making your face glossy, it is better to keep a bronzer light and natural. It can be done by applying a light layer of bronzer on the areas where you feel the sunlight hits your face. Sprinkle some of it on forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin.

No one wants to look cakey and creasy by overdoing anything on their face. So, to get the perfect summer makeup looks, you must apply a light layer of highlight on the areas where you feel, such as covering dark circles, blemishes, marks or uneven skin tone.

It is also good to use a tinted concealer if you want better results.

As we have earlier told you that powder form of any makeup product is not a good choice in the summers. So, for using blush, you can opt for some kind of cream or gel blush to make your cheeks brighten.

When you are done with your makeup, the last step that should not be forgotten in any way is the use of setting spray, which works in giving the perfect summer makeup looks.

Despite using the right summer makeup products, it ensures to provide additional protection to your makeup and prevent it from spreading or caking in the hot summers.


In addition to these summer beauty tips, the most important tip that should be followed by everyone is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in this hot season.

When you follow the right methods of applying makeup in the summers, you can keep your makeup staying longer on your face without any mess due to sweat or humidity.

You can gain summer makeup looks by saying goodbye to the makeup melting off your face.

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