How to Tighten Skin after Weight Loss

By Nancy Wilson January 31, 2019 in Weight Loss

Losing weight is like a dream comes true for people with a heavyweight. This accomplishment not only enhances their look and personality but also plays a great role in significantly reducing the risk of the diseases.

It is really a great achievement for those who have dropped few sizes by either following the natural ways or by using certain medications.

You know what? Still, many people do not get satisfied with the outcome when they are left with loose skin, as a result of which, such condition may bring a negative impact on their appearance.

There can be several reasons for losing skin after weight loss; one common reason is the inadequate time left for the skin to get back to its normal size while losing weight too quickly.

Tighten Skin after Weight Loss

We are here to share some information about how to tighten and to avoid loose skin after weight loss. We will provide some natural and medical solutions to help you to get rid of loose skin.

We understand how you feel when you see yourself in the mirror with that saggy look. We will also let you learn how to tighten stomach skin in an easy and effective way.

Let’s start with few tips that you need to be considered for how to tighten skin after weight loss naturally.

No smoking

A strictly ‘No’ to smoking is must as it may ruin your skin to great extent. If you really want to enjoy your glowing and healthy skin with a toned body, say ‘Goodbye’ to cigarettes.

Smoking can make your skin dry, thus brings a negative effect on its elasticity. You must know that too much smoking can make you look 10 years older than actually you are. To tighten your skin, simply ditch this habit.

Keep yourself protected from the sun

More sun exposure means more deterioration to your skin’s elasticity. It is very important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Never go out in the sun without applying sunscreen with high SPF and make sure not to miss the most exposed areas. Always remember to apply sunscreen before 30 minutes of stepping out in the sun. You can also wear sunglasses, hats or can also use an umbrella for more protection.

Take the right Supplements

When you will look for different ways of how to avoid loose skin after weight loss, taking supplements is also considered as an effective way to improve the look of your skin.

The elasticity of the skin depends on collagen, which itself is a protein that works effectively in strengthening the skin. As you grow older, the production of collagen drops, which in turn makes your skin loose. The collagen production also decreases as a result of smoking, alcohol, improper diet, inadequate sleep, more sun exposure, and pollution.

To overcome these issues, you can take vitamin supplements that will help in nourishing the skin and will leave it tighter, smoother and brighter.

It is better to take supplements formulated with natural ingredients to avoid any kind of side effects to your body and skin. One such Skin Revitalizing Formula is ‘Beauty from Within – Skin Revitalization & Hydration Vitamin Supplement’, which not only works in nourishing and hydrating damaged skin but also helps in tightening the skin.

Beauty from Within - Skin Revitalization & Hydration Vitamin Supplement

This vitamins and minerals supplement helps to get your skin the required nourishment to stay tight, healthy and younger looking.

The regular intake of such dietary supplement enables you to avoid loose skin after weight loss. It is recommended to take two capsules in a day and be sure to take it at least 30 minutes before taking your meal.

Take Enough Sleep

Sleeping is the time that not only gives you relaxation from your hectic and stressful day but repairs your skin as well. In other words, we can also say that taking enough sleep plays a great role in maintaining skin health.

When you decide to weight loss, obviously you will eat less to achieve your goals as soon as possible. Thus, makes your body cells low in nutrition and energy. So, at least 7 hours of sleep will help those cells to carry out various functions properly, including rejuvenating your skin health.

Eat the right food

If you want to avoid loose skin after weight loss, make sure to consume low calories food. Eating less or including low calories food in the diet when losing weight is not sufficient as you must continue maintaining a healthy diet even after shedding those extra pounds.

You must take fruits and vegetables, including small portions of carbs and good fats. More nutritious food you will have, the better the health of your skin will be.

Eat the right food

The amount of natural sugar in fruits helps in tightening skin after weight loss. For better results, always prefer to eat fruits in the morning or after a workout. You can even take them in the snack to avoid eating something unhealthy.

It is always recommended to eat 3-4 different vegetables in a day. You can consume them in the number of ways like in sandwich, salads, juice or other recipes. You can also eat raw vegetables to get all essential nutrients in the pure form. Make sure to consume 4-5 small meals instead of just three large meals in a day.

Intake of Protein

The studies show that a diet rich in protein helps in making your skin fight against the dryness, aging signs and elasticity. If you take high-protein diet, you will get healthy skin and youthful appearance. Taking adequate amount of protein is also considered as the best tip about how to tighten skin after weight loss naturally.

For vegetarians, pulses, beans, soy, and nuts should be included in their diet.

For non-vegetarians, fish, chicken breast and turkey are the main sources of protein along with other vegetarian protein options.

Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed wrap is something which most of the people are not aware of. It is one kind of therapy which is used to tighten the loose skin. People undergoing weight loss process or who have already shed the unwanted pounds can use seaweed wrap as the promising therapy.

The compounds present in seaweed are beneficial to the skin in several ways, such as detoxification, rejuvenation, moisturizing and the reduction of cellulite and brings down the excess skin after losing weight.

If you are looking for how to tighten stomach skin, seaweed wrap is the perfect solution to rebuild the elasticity of the skin. It is very easy to use, simply apply the paste all over the body or the areas you want to reduce and cover it with a hot towel/cloth. Keep your body as it is for about 20 minutes to grab all goodness of the paste. Remove the paste with a soft and moist cloth and take a hot water bath.

You can think of Spa Mud Seaweed Enriched Body Wrap to take actual benefits of seaweed.

Spa Mud Seaweed Enriched Body Wrap

It contains three types of seaweeds, where the combination of these seaweeds is high in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. This seaweed wrap helps in eliminating toxins from the skin and in reducing the inches.

It works as a body mask that makes your body slimmer and trimmer. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy reducing fat and tightening your skin confidently.

Strengthen your stomach

Most of the people who work on losing weight usually find the hanging stomach along with losing skin all over the body. It is something which is clearly observed when you have a lot of stomach fat.

When you perform different methods for losing the fat around your stomach, resulting to lower stomach sags down due to the sudden loss of a lot of weight. To overcome that flap and to strengthen your stomach, you need to perform simple exercises to keep your stomach toned.

Make sure to do these exercises daily for at least 10-15 minutes as one of the most effective tips on how to tighten stomach skin.

Don’t forget to use Moisturizer

No matter what type of skin you have, moisturizer is something you cannot miss as your skincare routine. It has a significant role in keeping your skin hydrated, soft, smooth and tight.

When you experience loose skin after weight loss, it becomes mandatory to use a good moisturizer to get back the toned skin. So, if you do not want to use moisturizer just to avoid ill-effects of excess oil on your oily or sensitive skin, you can go for one with organic and natural ingredients.

LuxeOrganix Nourishing Daily Moisturizer

When you search for moisturizers to rejuvenate and tighten your skin, you will find LuxeOrganix Nourishing Daily Moisturizer to give value for your money.

This moisturizer not only nourishes your skin but also works as a natural pigmentation treatment. Every time you will use it, you will observe smooth, youthful and refresh skin. It can be used daily in the morning and even as a lightweight night cream.

You will be happy to see the reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, blemishes, sunspots and of course, the signs of loose skin.

To enhance the skin’s elasticity, never leave your skin dry and make sure to keep it moisturized with the right moisturizer.

Keep yourself hydrated

Whether you want to lose weight or not, all people are always advised to drink at least 8-10 glasses per day. It helps in flushing out the toxins and will tighten your skin.

People with weight loss goal must stay hydrated to maintain skin elasticity.

Take care of your skin

Eating protein-rich food, exercising regularly, applying sunscreen and taking a sleep of 7-8 hours is not enough if you are not taking enough care of your skin. You have to put some extra efforts to avoid loose skin after weight loss.

Here, we are talking about using skin care products that can help in nourishing your skin in the best possible way. The dead skin cells on the skin surface clog pores that lead to various other skin issues. To remove dead skin cells, daily exfoliation must be performed to upsurge skin circulation. Using face masks once or twice a week is the best idea here.

You can even use skin tightening cream formulated with highly active ingredients that work excellently to restore that loose sagging skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can opt for creams with herbal formulas and ingredients.

To ease your task of finding the best skin tightening cream after weight loss, we will recommend Victoria’s Tighten Up Skin Cream based on its benefits and public reviews.

Victoria’s Tighten Up Skin Cream

We understand how much you will be happy to lose those frustrated and unwanted pounds. But to get rid of those bat wings, stretch line marks, crepey skin texture, and saggy belly as a result of losing weight, this tightening cream is highly capable to tighten those areas along with making your skin smooth, firm and young-looking.

This cream is an ideal choice for before, during and after weight loss. Its regular use ensures to decrease skin elasticity.

Always keep in mind to use the products that best suits your skin type and stay away from those with harsh ingredients. Limiting your sun exposure and limiting your exposure to hot and chlorinated water are also taken into account when taking care of your skin.


Hope these tips and guides will help you to get a better and toned body after losing that extra weight.

If you follow the given tips, not all but even few of them, you can get a tighten skin after losing weight without undergoing any kind of professional treatment or surgery.

In some cases, you cannot fully eliminate loose skin without medical treatment, but still, you can achieve your goals to some extent and can go out with confidence.

Simply focus on what you can control over. This is what we have included in our article so that you do not find it hard to follow the suggestions to tighten the loose skin.

If you do all these things to gain the benefits of how to tighten skin after weight loss naturally, only you need is patience.

You will definitely achieve what you want.

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