Tips for Best Winter Makeup Looks You Must Consider

By Linda Mondry November 29, 2019 in Makeup Tips

The winters are knocking at your door, so why not spice up your winter makeup looks by making some changes in your makeup routine?

Adding a new makeup look in the winters is something that works great in brightening up your cold days.

At the same time, caring for your skin has its own importance to avoid it from getting dry and flaky complexion. 

Table of Contents

  • Tips for Winter Makeup Looks to love the Chill
    • Bold Lips with Bright Colors
    • Dark makeup
    • Smokey Eyes
    • Natural Smokey Eyes
    • Sultry Maroon Eyes
    • Eyebrows to add a statement
    • Dull Eye Color
    • Metallic Inner corner
  • Some Winter Makeup Looks Tips for Dry Skin
    • Prep your skin
    • Wash your face
    • Moisturize your skin
    • Use of primer
    • Go for lightweight coverage
    • Avoid going overboard on makeup
  • Some Don’t for Winter Makeup Looks

Tips for Best Winter Makeup Looks

Here, we have collected some easy to follow tips that will help you to achieve amazing winter makeup looks, even though there is frigid weather outside.

Tips for winter makeup looks

Tips for Winter Makeup Looks to love the Chill

  • Bold Lips with Bright Colors

In the winters, when we talk about makeup on any kind of skin type, nothing gives you a flawless look than having a bold lip.

The bold lips ensure to bring a statement to your style by keeping the rest of your face natural and only let your lips to shine.

It gives a great advantage to those who have no time for the full face and want to have something easier to give that bold look.

So, shine your lips with bright colors, like red and purple.

  • Dark makeup

Winters are the time that is filled with extreme cold and dark time of the year.

Due to this, giving that dark makeup look is something that is always recommended to have a perfect look in the cold weather.

You just require maintaining the bold lips and go with the deep smokey eyes to complement your overall look.

  • Smokey Eyes

In the winters, the main focus is given to the eyes, so it means you have to work more on your eyes for winter makeup looks.

You can highlight the inner corners of your eyes and gives them a mauve smokey look.

Having smokey eyes in the winter means getting everyone’s attention into your gorgeous winter glam.

tips for winter makeup looks

  • Natural Smokey Eyes

If you do not like bold smokey eyes and want to give them a more natural look, the best way is to give them natural smokey eye glam.

Here, instead of dark eye shadows, you need to apply lighter eye shadows that work great in creating a more dramatic effect.

  • Sultry Maroon Eyes

Maroon is a color that never goes away anytime; you can use it in any season.

The best way to make use of maroon in the winters is to have maroon eye makeup.

Simply apply nude or brown eyeshadow as the base,  and then apply maroon eye shadow onto the outer corner of the upper lids.

Followed by brown eyeliner and black mascara gives you a complete must-have winter makeup look.

  • Eyebrows to add a statement

To get a one-piece makeup look, you must work on your brows.

When you fill them accurately and in the right shape, your eyebrows can become the showstopper of your overall look.

Make sure to use waterproof brow gel as the long-lasting solution to fill in your brows and see the amazing result.

  • Dull Eye Color

Dewy and warm eyes are the perfect makeup trend for the winters.

To achieve this, you are advised to use dull eye color to have that perfect makeup look which goes flawlessly with any style you wear.

  • Metallic Inner corner

To give a touch of festive look to your eye makeup, the best idea is to consider using metallic eyeliner or eye shadow onto the inner corner of your eyes.

First, apply neutral eye shadow and then use waterproof eyeliner in gold or silver to the inner corner of the eyes to have that metallic beauty.

Isn’t it cute that you must try in winter?

winter makeup looks

Some Winter Makeup Looks Tips for Dry Skin

As winters are approaching, the chances of drying out your skin to the maximum will increase to a great extent.

No matter how much you cover your face and other parts from the harsh winter conditions; still it is difficult to get rid of dryness on the skin.

No worries, these simple to follow makeup tips will help you to make your dry skin ready to cope with harsh cold weather.

  • Prep your skin

Makeup on moisturized skin works great on getting that flawless look.

You need to prepare your dry skin at night for the next day by using face masks that ensure to hydrate and nourish your skin.

It is advised to start by using such masks once a week and determine how much your dry skin actually needs it.

  • Wash your face

Another way of prepping your skin is by washing your face every day with the face wash or solution containing gentle ingredients.

Always use a face wash or cleanser that removes makeup and dirt without any need of rinsing it that may dry out your skin.

Go for products that contain avocado, coconut oil and other ingredients that help in hydrating your dry skin.

  • Moisturize your skin

An important step that must not be ignored in any way is to use a great moisturizer.

Also, the women with dry skin must always look for makeup products containing moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients to avoid flakiness and irritation on dry skin, especially in the winters.

tips for winter makeup looks

No matter what kind of hydrating cream or gel you use, simply make sure that it is absorbed completely into your skin before you start applying makeup.

  • Use of primer

If you are following the above steps, there is no need for a primer on your skin.

If you want, you can use a primer with a combination of lotion, but make sure that a primer must contain hydrating ingredients, like essential oils.

Here, the main aim is to give your face an even and smooth surface to apply other makeup products on your skin.

  • Go for lightweight coverage

To prevent flakiness and dryness in the winter, one of the best tips for winter makeup looks for dry skin is to experiment with different products and observe how much your skin absorb these products all through the day.

Always prefer to go for lightweight coverage by using thin layers and see what your skin needs.

Whatever you use, make sure to blend each edge of your face to have that seamless look.

  • Avoid going overboard on makeup

When you have dry and sensitive skin, the best idea is to ease up on products you are using in the winter.

No doubt, a little blush or bronzer will work great on your cheeks, but the rosy redness as a result of cold weather gives the natural look that goes a long way.

Also, keep in mind to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner on your eyes.

If you are using eyeshadow, keep it simple and try to use minimum shades, like just one shade, if possible.

Some Don’t for Winter Makeup Looks

  • Avoid coral or pink undertones

Wearing red or maroon is something to add festive spirit to your look, also, these colors match perfectly with black, gray and brown winter collection.

So, to have that flawless look in the cold weather, you must avoid any coral or pink undertones.

These colors clash easily with your darker winter wardrobe.

  • Avoid neon nail paints

Neon nail paints look stunning in the summers, but when it comes to winters, these colors can be your biggest winter makeup mistake.

tips for winter makeup looks

If you love neon or fluorescent colors, you must go for some alternative shades for your nails and save your favorite colors for the next beach vacation.

  • Avoid wearing bronzer

As the summer passed, you have to embrace paler skin by avoiding the use of bronzer for that fake, summer glow.

Instead of bronzer, try pink blush for the attractive cheeks, because brown contour will not match with the rest of your body.

  • Avoid rainbow-colored eyelids

It is best to avoid rainbow-colored eyeshadows that can clash with your overall winter makeup looks.

Instead, going with gold and copper eye shadows is your best choice for this winter.

For smokey eyes, instead of using bright eye shadows, you must use darker alternatives to fit perfectly for winters


With these tips for winter makeup looks, the harsh cold weather will never bother you.

So, fix them in your mind and don’t forget to experiment with your makeup this winter. Follow us on Pinterest.

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