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Gorgeous Wedding Nail Art Ideas For Your Special Day

By Emily Turner March 17, 2019 in Fashion Trends

Every girl has a dream of having a perfect wedding with everything in a perfect way, whether it is about a wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup and all, including venue, catering decoration, and everything.

Oops, how we can forget doing nails with trendy designs to add glamour to the bride’s look?

These days, nail art has become an essential part of dressing which most of the girls keep it in their list while getting ready for their special day.

On your wedding, everything should be perfect from head to toe as you are the center of attraction for every guest on this special day of your life. So, you should know about gorgeous wedding nail art ideas to beautify your hands.

Wedding Nail Art Ideas

In this blog, we are going to share some of the beautiful designs of wedding nail arts that go perfectly with your bridal look.

French wedding nails

To give French style to your nail art, the best idea is to paint your nails with standard white or any light shade and a stylish silver top.

You can also choose a gold shiny top over the white nail paint if you are going to wear a dress with golden work on it. This wedding nail arts design goes perfectly with your white gold ring and your hands look beautiful in pictures.

Classic wedding nails

To add simplicity to your nails design, skipping the base color on your nails can be the timeless and elegant wedding nail arts idea for those who love a simple yet graceful look.

To get something more, you can add soft pink, nude or peach undercoat, and decorate your nails with beads and sparkle as per your choice.

Keeping nails without decorative detail also looks wonderful. Moreover, adding the stark white tip works great to keep them as simple as you want.

Classic wedding nails

Ivory wedding nails

Looking for something contemporary yet traditional gorgeous wedding nail art ideas? You cannot go wrong with ivory color instead of natural or French nail polish.


If you apply this classy ivory base coat to complement your wedding dress along with giving some touch of gold glitter, it adds grace to your nails.

You can also use beads and stones, but try to keep its design simple. No matter which color of wedding dress you have, it works great with any light color outfit.

Ivory wedding nails

Red wedding nails

If you are a young bride and red is your favorite color, also you are going to wear a red wedding dress, nothing looks better than red nail polish to enhance your hands.

You can choose white or ivory nail polish with a red heart design on it or you can also go with red nail paint on your nails and can use beads, stone, glitter and other designs over it.

The choice is all yours; it would really be fun giving bold romantic look to your nails.

Red wedding nails

Purple wedding nails

Do you love the purple color or looking for something versatile and classic to wear on your nails? Choosing purple is like going perfect with the wedding color schemes.

No doubt, wearing purple add boldness to your appearance as a bride, but at the same time, gives you a subtle and classy look which every bride always want to attain.

You can try this wedding nail art with purple glitter to give an excellent on-trend look. If wearing a purple wedding dress, none other can complement your bridal look.

Purple wedding nails

Gold wedding nails

It is one of the gorgeous wedding nail art ideas that work completely different than applying colored nail polish on your special day. If you want to add an extra touch of glamour to your look despite gorgeous wedding dress and makeup, go gold.

It is your wedding, you can choose anything you want to wear, so why not to have some extra sparkle? Also, you will not go wrong if you will add glitter; instead it will give wow-factor and make your hands special.

Gold wedding nails

Natural wedding nails

There is no doubt that applying nail polish with different designs and patterns over your nails works great in enhancing your hands and also contribute to your overall look, especially on your special day.

But, if you have healthy nails and want them to keep them simple and natural, it can be your best idea to make them look effortless and elegant.

You just require ensuring that your nails should be clean and tidy. Give them proper shape, clean your cuticles and tone your nails. You can add a little shine to your natural nails by applying a coat of clear nail polish.

Natural wedding nails

Floral wedding nails

Have you ever tried cute yet elegant nail art? If not, then it is the time to have some fun with your nails on your special day.

You can go for a cute floral design over any nail polish color, like if you choose light or dark shade then you can go with light or dark shade for floral wedding nail arts, whatever you like

You can keep your nails chic, classic, modern and trendy, whatever you want, simply by using the right nail polish color and shade for floral design. Adding glitters, beads or stones is like enhancing your nails to the next level.

Floral wedding nails

3D wedding nails

You can go with a stunning 3D nail art design for your wedding. There are endless gorgeous wedding nail art ideas that let you enjoy and have fun giving new look to your nails.

Here come a lot of supplies and tools that help in making 3D designs easier.

You can go with various artistic designs to enhance the beauty of your hands. So, bedazzle your nails with the perfect 3D nail designs for your special day.

3D wedding nails


We have put together these gorgeous wedding nail art ideas to help you in going with the perfect manicure trends for your special day.

These ideas will surely accomplish your purpose of beautifying your hands with the classic, trendy and attractive nail art.

No matter what nail art design you will choose for your wedding, make sure that it complements your wedding dress and overall bridal look.

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