"> 10 Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

10 Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

By Cristie Martyn September 30, 2019 in Yoga

The fast paced life that we live these days has a detrimental impact on our health. As work and chores consume most of our time, we’ve started depending on machines to do daily tasks and switched to eating unhealthy take-out and fast food. This has resulted in the increase in chronic health conditions and obesity.

Your belly is prone to the accumulation of fat faster than in other parts of your body. Often people who have average BMI and a healthy body have a beer-belly or a pot-belly, making it the only problem area that they wish to change.

There are several forms of exercises that can help reduce belly fat. Yoga is an ancient science that was developed in India 2000 years ago. It is the safest, least strenuous and highly effective way of reducing belly fat or keeping your body and mind healthy.

Here are some asanas or yoga poses to reduce belly fat-


Tadasana is a simple pose that also helps you warm up. The pose allows you to stretch your entire body, relaxing your muscles and increases your blood flow.

To perform the tadasana, you need to stand on your feet flat and your heels slightly spread out. Then stretch your hands in the front with your palms close to each other.

Inhale deeply and stretch your spine and raising your hands. Lift your ankles and stand on your toes. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds and then slowly lower your body. Repeat this exercise ten times.

This asana improves your posture and tones the abs as well as buttocks. Hence, this is one of the yoga poses to reduce belly fat.

Surya Namaskara

This is an amalgamation of 12 different yoga poses and hence is beneficial for many different parts of the body. The bends allow the muscles to stretch while the breathing exercises help with detoxification.

Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

The surya namaskara starts with you standing upright with your feet together. Inhale and do the prayer pose with your hands before you lift both your arms up and stretch backwards.

Exhale and bend forward to touch your knees to your forehead. Bend your left knee and stretch your right leg back with your palms on the floor.

Stretch your left leg back for a plank, inhale, stretch forward and bend backward. Exhale and trace back your positions to reach the tadasana position again.


While doing the Padahastasana the abdomen gets completely compressed when you bend forward, which leads to burning of fat. Thus, the compression helps in toning down the tummy. This is why padahastasana is considered one of the best yoga poses to reduce belly fat.

Padahastana can be practiced by first performing Tadasana pose with hands on each side of your body, such that your body is parallel to the floor. Inhale and lift your hands up and then exhale as you bend forward completely and try to touch the floor. Exhale and lift your body back to the tadasana pose. Repeat this 12 times.


This is one of the basic poses of Hatha Yoga, and it stimulates the center of your solar plexus.
Along with acting as a tummy toning pose, the forward bend also offers an admirable level of stretch to the hamstrings, thighs, as well as hips.this is why it is ideal for people with indigestion.

Sit in the sukhasana or padmasana to get started. Keep your spine erect and stretch your legs out. Stretch your hands up and without bending your knees, bend forward and try to touch your toes with your fingers. Hold this position until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Exhale and bring your body back up.


Since the pavanamuktasana demands that your knees exert pressure on your tummy, holding the position for more than a minute helps in triggering the burning of fat in the region. This is how it is one of the best yoga poses to reduce belly fat.

Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

Lie down on your back and bend your knees forward. Touch them to your chest as you inhale sharply. Apply pressure on the abdomen with your thighs and hold it for a minute before you release the position and go back to savasana.


Naukasana is great yoga poses to reduce belly fat as holding the posture for more than a minute helps in contracting the abdominal muscles, and the posture, when done in a boat-like movement, helps in toning your abs.

Lie down in the supine position with your legs stretched out and your toes pointing to the ceiling. Inhale deeply and lift your head, chest and legs off the ground. Stretch your arms to form a parallel line with your legs. Exhale and relax while moving back to the supine pose.


The backward stretch that you experience as you touch your ankles in this pose helps in toning the abdominal muscles. The tension experienced by your belly muscles during Naukasana will now be released, and at the same time, you will also enjoy a good stretch making it one of the best yoga poses to reduce belly fat.

Sit in the vajrasana and lift your body from your knees such that your whole body is supported by your knees. Exhale and arch your back .Bring your hands behind your body and hold your ankles. Exhale again and relax.


Lie down with your legs stretched out. Tilt your back while bringing your head backwards so that it touches the floor. Raise your legs from the floor, making a 45-degree angle with the floor.

Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

Hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds, breathing normally. Next, lift your legs so that they make a 90-degree angle with the floor and then go back to the supine position.


Similar to the downward dog, rest your body on all fours, that is, your knees and palms. Look straight and hold this position until you feel a stretch in your abdomen. Keep your buttocks and abdomen firm until you experience the contraction. Repeat this pose for 15 sets.


Lie down on a mat in the prone position with your legs stretched out and your toes touching the floor. Keep your hands on either side of the body with your palms on the floor as you lift your body up from the waist. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds.

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